Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.


We're so used to seeing them as pale faced metrosexual men it's easy to forget that beneath that pretty exterior lies a blood thirsty teddy as these best vampire games reminds us no matter their appearance a vampire is a danger to anyone with a pulse from classics to games you probably didn't even know existed. 

We've complied the best games themed around the bloodsuckers filling the role of protagonist and antagonist vampires are far more complex than many of their undead which often leads to a game. 

Heavy in lpre exposition and mythology ahead of lead dimitrescus who for the record will always be known as the big lady to us in the most loving way possible full debut in resident evil village. 

Here are the best vampire games you should sink your teeth into monk stop thinking about her beating you  up and leaving you in a ditch you care. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

It's likely that if you were playing games when Dalkwatch came out you overlooked its release not because it was bad but because you were probably too distracted by resident evil 4. 

Lego Star Wars the video game battlefront 2 devil may cry 3 shadow of the colossus god of war kingdom hearts 2, fear sly 3, conquer live and reloaded all the upcoming release of the xbox 360. 

The point is 2005 was a busy year for games so it was easy for a game like dark watch was developed by a brand new team to slip through the cracks the first and third person shooter put players in control of Jericho cross an outlaw that has to come to terms with his new vampiric nature, as a member of the dark watch krotz sets out to kill the vampire that bit him. 

Lazarus Darkwatch's gameplay changes drastically between day and night levels as cross can only use his powers in the cover of the night. 

Dark watch implemented a redemption system that changes what kind. of abilities you have access to the more evil you are the cooler they tend to be cross's action-filled adventure could have been another generic entry in the long list of shooters but high moon studios effort made it a unique, and thoroughly enjoyable vampire shooter. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Vampire Night light gun games rarely translate well to consoles but somehow vampire knight became an exception to the rule developed by now defunct developer entertainment an in-house team for Sega. 

Vampire Night is your standard light gun shooter taking what works for the house of the dead series and replacing zombies with vampires, 

Vampire Night is just as terribly voice acted as house of the dead but that it's so familiar helps make it easier to settle into vampire Night doesn't break the mould as an arcade game. 

But leading on that safe line of what's expected is what makes it so much fun to pick up and play he hails from a time before arcade games, became complicated so even novice players could enjoy themselves as for now entertainment knew. 

How to use the console's hardware to its benefit the console version was just as fluid as the original arcade release and worked well with the playstation 2 light guns at least as well as something that could work with them it's about time light gun games came back don't you think someone released crisis 10 or whatever that nonsense is up to these days. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Vampires are tragic characters cursed with eternal life and the need to drain humanity of its life force some take to be like serial killers running rampant without moral restraint others loathe their own existence and try to use their afflictions for the good of making. 

Vampires lets you decide which side you fall in and shows you what happens under the weight of either decision set in London during the Spanish flu epidemic players have to decide whether Jonathan reed  a doctor learning to live as a vampire follows his medical training to help cure the city or give into his thirst. 

And thrust it into chaos vampire does a fine job of creating a moral dilemma by making Jonathan a doctor whereas an average Joe can easily teeter that line between good and evil Reid took an oath to protect and heal but with the bloodlust raising inside of him can he stick to his role as a healer. 

Vampire needed some polish but the narrative team that don't not once again succeed at fully developing their chart\cters looking at the depth of the story and it's cast not a shock that the minds responsible for covering the streets of Landon with blood are also the same that crafted the heart felt life is strange series . 

Now we wouldn't say no to a second game how about you. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Festival of blood the second infamous was an excellent game that couldn't be further from belonging on this list but the 2011 Halloween season however sucker punch infused a bit of horror into the series with festival of blood superpowers col McGrath's running with vampires is surprisingly fun dlc that combines the core experience of infamous. 

With the best parts of being a vampire using his electricity-based powers and a barbed cross McGrath's squares off against a horde of unholy creatures as he tries to cure his affliction to survive that long however he must give in to his need for blood and drain the citizens of new Maurice.

Since there's no avoiding draining the innocent festival of blood dropped to the series karma meter festival of blood is a quick one-off that only takes a few hours to finish but the addition of vampires only elevates the fun you were already having it infamous too. 

Now then Soon what you doing new infamous please vampires optional. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

A licensed video game on a best of list we don't even know what's real anymore what may be most surprising about how good Buffy the vampire slayer was isn't that it was based on a tv series but that he was developed by the now defunct team behind mark echo's getting up contents under pressure the PS2 port of the 1997 many black PC game. 

Extra points if you remember that one and the da Vinci code joss Whedon's grim teenage drama is recreated faithful in this 3d action adventure featuring the likeness and most of the voices of everyone's favourite buffers characters one of Buffy the vampire slayer's strongest points 

Is its story which was written by Christopher golden and Thomas a snegoski two prominent names when it comes to the buff related books the game fused melee combat with puzzle-filled exploration for a memorable experience, especially for fans of the tv series. 

There is no shortage of vampires to stake civilians to save and one-liners and awkward karate noises to suffer through in buff's only truly successful video game adaptation. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

She may have got a lot of flack for being featured in the October 2004 issue of playboy google it will wait but what else was bloodrayne supposed to do when her series was pulled out form under her. 

The sexy vampire slain the hell out of nazis in two 3d action adventure games before being relegated to a forgettable downloaded able side-scrolling arcade title she deserved better especially after showing she still had many tricks up her sleeve in bloodrayne too equipped with two admittedly cool. 

Arm blades firearms and a never-ending thirst for blood bloodrayne dismembers makes and drains hordes of squishy flashbacks and she does so with style the game's protagonist isn't the only thing that's flashy as combat allows players to string together acrobatic attacks that can send limbs flying when the going gets tough bloodrayne can always resort to her prime insists. 

And drain her foe wrapping her legs around them to offer one last thrill before they die blood rain 2. Is a polished improvement over the original and a worthy addition to the slew of hack and slash titles that emerged in the early 2000s it's also a little bit  horny. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Way to take a vampire game that's not covered in blood and body parts you may want to cry foul but will stand by our decision to add spike mcfang to the list if only for the name alone surpringly enough this quirky. 

And colourful sneeze adventure doesn't have to bank on the protagonist';s awesome moniker played in a top-down perspective spike mcfang sends players on a journey to put a stop to the zombie general von hassles as the titular young vampire players won't be sucking blood instead they'll use mcfang's snazzy outfit to take on a variety of monsters like a vampiric odd job mcfang flings his hat at his faux. 

And frequently relies on his cake for close quarters combat he also dishes out magic cards that can grant him invisibly recover his health and other harmful effects the twisted tales of spite macfang successfully emulates the legend of Zelda series without copying it entirely. 

So it can exist in its own space. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Blood of men legacy of Kane set the stage for soul reaver one of the best games to come from the development team at crystal dynamics building upon the law of nosgoth a world that's home to both vampires and humans soul reaver replaces Kane the protagonist of blood omen with Rafael a spry wraith on a quest for revenge dispite being part of the same series. 

Soul reaver is leagues ahead of blood omen the switch from a slow-paces top-down adventure game to 3d action adventure helped tell a more engaging story. 

Though there's plenty of story in its predecessor soul reaver does a better job of delivering it with 3d character models set in a beautiful world ripe with mythology. 

Nozgoth is a fascinating creation especially when you're introduced to the ghoul-infested spectral realm melee-based combat let Rafael show off his moves which including panting his foe on pikes and draining their souls to cut through their enemies players wield a soul devouring spectral sword as they hunt. 

Down Kane art almost feels like a metaphor for how blood Oman was slain by its successor. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

After selecting one of seven vampire clans players enter the world of vampire the masquerade bloodlines the largely successful follow-up to redemption the masquerade universe is based on the 1990s tabletop role-playing game of the same name. 

It was a new way to explore the in-depth world and bloodlines introduced players to a slew of fleshed-out characters in the story -driven adventure, when you're not busy unraveling the 21st century vampiric tale set in Los Angeles you get plenty of opportunity to do what vampires do best feast on human blood bloodlines gives player access to unique disciplines and abilities. 

Firearms and hand-hand combat like any good role-playing game players upgrade their stats to become a stronger faster and  ore frightening fledgling the meat of bloodlines is pretty standard which means its story and mechanics have to shine even more troika warped out the point-and-click gameplay of redemption for a hybrid of first. 

And third person action which helps create a faster paced and more engine experience bloodlines lets you be the vampire you want to be but draining humans dry comes at the cost your own humanity can't deal with a slightly dated game a sequel is due. 


Best free vampires game for PC, Playstation Android and IOS.

Now some may argue that this technically shouldn't be on a list of the best vampires games since you battled through a horde of different castle monstrosities but we're sorry is alucardo not half human half vampire does he not have the abilities of his bloodthirsty brethren aren't we on a request to slay Dracula. 

That's what we though symphony of the sight is he 12th entry in the castlevania series if you count the easily forgotten haunted castle from 1988 it also is often pegged as the best among all 30 castlevania games sometimes vying for the top spot against its chronological predecessor. 

Rondo of blood ultimately symphony of the night is more fluid game that appeals to a broader audience than the PC exclusive later pointed to PSP release as the hybrid son of Dracula players take control of alucard four years after Richter of the cursed, Belmont bloodline goes missing symphony of the hight has one of the more enjoyable stories in the series starting with a prequel fight against. 

The count its intended to be an easy fight but it sets the stage for a memorable trek through an expansive labyrinth fine castle yes the villainous lineup of zombies skeletons mermen werewolves and more. 

Overshadows the vampiric foe but the core story follows vampire hunters on their quest to rid the world of Dracula. 

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