Nose unblocking techniques, Simple ways to clear a stuff nose.


MUCUS is a substance that lines the nasal passages and airways to provide lubrication filtration and protection in order to keep foreign material from entering the foreign materials from entering the respiratory system. 

As you take a breath in pollutants such as dust allergens and even viruses get stuck in mucus which functions to keep these debris from reaching the lungs with that all said sometimes the body can produce too much mucus which can cause a stuff nose leaving you feeling congested which makes it more difficult to breathe. 

Since you were here you probably know exactly what I'm talking about and the good news is in this Post we are going to discuss a few techniques to help you clear a stuff nose and get rid of that uncomfortable feeling. 

Be sure to watch until the end because there are actually a few methods that not too many people know about. 

So if you're ready let's get into it just a quick reminder we are not doctors this Post is for informational purposes only. 


But the first technique that we should mention is to stay hydrated you probably grew up hearing your parents tell you drink plenty of water every time you were sick or had a cold. 

Now it may sound cliche but they were 100 correct because it actually does help improve the functionality of pretty much all the major system of the body not to mention staying hydrated helps to thin out mucus. 

As well if your body is dehydrated it will cause the secretions to thicken up which makes them more difficult to remove and makes the issue much worse in fact this is one of the most common causes of a stuffy nose on the other hand if your body is well hydrated the fluids help to break up the mucus. 

So that it doesn't stick to your nasal passages which makes it way easier to remove by blowing your nose so listen to your parents and try to drink a lot of water. 


Another technique for clearing a stuffy nose is to try a humidifier as we just mentioned one of the main reasons that symptoms gets worse with a stuffy nose is because of dryness in the nasal passages humidity and steam inhalation is a great way to counter this and soothe the airways. 

A humidifier produces steam and disperses it throughout the room so that it can easily be inhaled into the airways which provides relief and helps loosen uo secretions high qualify room humidifiers can be purchased from online retailers such as amazon and Walmart. 

I will drop links to some of our top recommendations down below in the description if you're interested or if you're on a budget another quick way to inhale steam is to simply take a hot shower the natural steam that is created offers similar benefits. 

And occurs without you having to spend any of your hard earned money doing so can provide relief for nasal congestion and help make breathing easier another method to consider is to try herbal remedies from ...


Ginger family when it comes to food-based natural home remedies for nasal congestion ginger is definitely a great one to consider the roots of s ginger plant are widely used not only for food but also for medicinal purposes around the world ginger has a strong scent that is useful in clearing the nasal airways. 

Studies show that its properties contain bioactive components and antioxidants that reduce oxidative damage due to stress ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relax the airways in the lungs and fight against fever that occurs during a chest infestion. 

Which ultimately means that it can help get rid of a stuff nose you can look into using ginger as a seasoning while cooking or you can consume it in certain juices and teas as well your nasal passages will thank you for doing so. 


Using naturally extracted essential oils such as eucalyptus lemongrass and rosemary can be extremely effective methods for getting rid of nasal congestion you can use these oils either by inhalation via diffusers with aromatherapy or by topical application in the form of a natural vapour rope. 

Studies show that aromatherapy via the inhalation of essential oils can help treat upper chest infection by diminishing nasal congestion and reducing spasms that occur with a repeated cough high quality essential oils and diffusers can be purchased from online retailers such as amazon. 

Keep in mind though that essential oils technically are not bronchodilators so they should not be used as a replacement for albuterol or other prescription medications. 

As always it's best to check with your doctor before using or consuming any essential oil especially if you have a respiratory condition such as asthma or cold moving right along unfortunately many people don't do a very good job of this one. 


But one way to help get rid of nasal congestion is to simply keep your allergies under control not only can seasonal allergies cause an edgy throat and water eyes they can also cause excessive amounts of mucus and phlegm to build up which ultimately results in nasal congestion. 

And those uncomfortable feelings that come with  a stuffy nose so keeping your allergies in check is a must be sure to stick with your prescription allergy medication regimen as ordered by your doctor or if you're not on any prescription meds this leads to the next method. 


Some natural remedies are great but if the symptoms become too severe and unbearable this is when you can look into some of the over counter medications that can help they come in various forms such as vapour rubs pain relievers and decongestants vapour rubs are easily accessible. 

And can provide quick relief for congestion and a cough just simply apply the ointment to your chest throat upper back forehead or around the nose for short -term relief another over-the-counter medication that you can consider is a decongestant which can help clear the airways of mucus and flint. 

They come in various forms such as nasal sprays drops and tablets now while they may be very effective in the short-term. 

They are generally not recommended for long-term use and keep in mind decongestants come in various strengths and dosages so be cautious and consult with a general physician about the risks and benefits of taking this types of medications switching gears just a bit. 


Is to eat foods that are good for the respiratory system anecdotal studies have shown that certain foods and drinks can be very effective in eliminating mucus and phlegm let's use spicy foods as an example spices such as chili and cayenne pepper contain substances that can help clear up your sinuses. 

This can help make getting rid of secretions much easier by blowing your nose or coughing some more examples of healthy foods for your lungs includes foods with healthy fats spices that reduce inflammation and fruits and vegetables that are high intioxidants. 

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