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How to start investment for beginners, Correct ways and risk.


How to start investment gor beginners


How to start investing beginner must watch to know the correct way in investment every investment activity has its own risks. 

However you can minimise this risk by applying the right strategies here are some strategies on how to invest money effectively. 


First you can apply the right way of investing money based on the achievement period this will help you achieve the target according to the plan generally the investment period is divided into three including the following short-term goal five years. 


Before choosing an investment instrument consider your profile as an investor generally there are three categories of risk profiles including conservative investors namely investors who like stable investments moderate investors are investors who can still accept stock fluctuations. 

And are quite satisfied if their investments exceed the inflation rate aggressive investors namely investors who are ready to take the risk of losses with sharp fluctuations. 

There are many ways to invest money that you can choose to start investing for example in capital market instruments such as stocks and mutual funds or investments in banks here its the full explanation. 

Mutual fund investment one of the easiest ways to invest money for students is through mutual funds especially if you don't have free time and skills in calculating the risks of investing because there will be investment managers ready to help the opportunities provided by mutual funds are very wide open for potential investors. 

The reason is there are various mutual funds that can be taken such as the money market and the stock investment market mutual funds are one of the best ways to invest money for beginners with small capital stock investment. 

Today many young people are interested in learning about how to invest money through the stock market access to invest in stocks is even easier it can even be run through an application on a cell phone the profit generated from this investment is obtained from the buying. 

And selling activities of share ownership and actives of share ownership and dividends from the company minimum purchases and sale of shares is one lot or equal to 100 shares invest in bank. 

How to invest money in a bank that you can try is a time deposit the risk of this investment tends to be very small because it has been quarantined by the deposit insurance corporation basically the principle of bank deposits is the same as saving you save money with some rules. 

And it can not be withdrawn at any time with drawl of money can only be done within a predertmined period of time three open an investment account before starting to invest in the capital market you must have a investment. 

Account if you want to start investing online you can make it through a security company generally the documents that you have to prepare when you want to open an investment account are your ID card taxpayer identification number account number and filling out the initial investment form. 


Divesification is a way of investing money by dividing your capital into several types of assets such as stocks mutual funds gold and deposits this is so that you get the maximum profit in addition diversification also helps you to reduce investment risk by preventing a total failure if one of the assets suffers a loss. 

Because you still have other assets that are experiencing profits. 


No need to wait until you have a lot of money to start investing the reason is with. a capital of rp 100 000 you can already invest one of which is in mutual funds in fact on some-e-commerce platforms you can invest in gold starting from only 10 000 Indonesia loot years as a beginner start investing with ;little capital. 

Choose the type of investment that is guaranteed and has a good history for the last five years as a reference you can attend seminars on tips on how to invest money for beginners on the internet. 


When you start investing you must have the right strategy in achieving the desired target for example the dollar cost averaging dca strategy which is a way of investing money on a regular basis where every month you will monitor daily stock market movements. 

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