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Top 10 best Xbox one games, Essentials games to pick.

Top 10 best Xbox one games


You just picked up a new Xbox one but don't now what to go for well that's why we're here I don't know about you but that inspires me. 

Welcome to Chaltends News! and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Xbox one games for this list we're looking at the essential games that you should pick up, or your system as of Christmas 2016. 

And if it can be played on the one and is eligible for this list number 10. 

10. ''GEARS OF WAR 4'' (2016)

Years of war for a cave years of four start reading those chainsaws boys because the locust at him I mean the swarm are coming set 25 years after Gears of War 3 the newest entry in this gory series maintains its signature cover based chewing gameplay with a new and exciting story  to boot. 

They're gonna mess up my Tomato as it's the first to be realised on the Xbox one it looks absolutely Georges and allows for more. 

Chaos to happen on screen without any pickups it has a smooth 60 frames per second multiplayer experience and it has cross play with windows 10 users, 

So they'll never be a shortage of players not a goddamn world. 

9. ''BATTLEFIELD 1'' (2016)

Straying from the usual direction developers are tending to take us these days dice has brought us back to the past instead of the future and you can count on them making a battlefield game set during the world war one chaotic and exciting a reworked melee combat system makes matches feel a lot more visceral and the wide. 

And varied maps allow for a multitude of ways to get to your objective with bullets whizzing past your head buildings literally crumbling around you and planes falling out of the sky you'll think you're really there. 

8. ''OVERWATCH'' (2016)

Thirty years ago the optics declared all the nations of the world had no answer until they called upon a small group it seems like everyone is playing overwatch these days or making fan art and with good reason exciting fast-paced squad based teamwork. 

Is addictive especially when you're on a winning streak they're dead having over 20 playable characters with unique abilities means gameplay never really gets. 

And with your stats recorded per hero it gives you a reason to switch between them but win or lose you'll still have a good time communication is a must and when you coordinate with your squad to achieve victory there's no better feeling especially when you win after you've been frozen by may a dozen times I hate you make. 

7. ''SUNSET OVERDRIVE'' (2014)

Often you play a game we're getting from point A to point B is as fun as what awaits you at your destination and that's why sunset overdrive is a blast to play it doesn't take itself seriously and boasts a hilarious script there are a ton of different ways to get around with a plethora of wacky weapons to kill monsters with fluidity. 

And traversal keeps your adrenaline pumping as you blast your way through to your objective layered player customisation also keeps it fresh and new to experiences forever the same. 

6. ''DOOM'' (2016)

Do shooter without regenerating health and aiming down the sights it's hard to believe in this day and age but that's why the latest doom is so highly acclaimed. 

This is a welcome return to roots for the franchise that revolutionised the jar back when theorigional came out this latest entry is fast paced gory and has a street to the point story with hordes of grotesque even straight out of hell to vanquish, 

You'll get  so to hell to keep your onslaught going there's nothing quite like carving through an enemy with a chainsaw while industrial metal blares in the background count un in. 


Master chief is pretty much the mascot of the xbox and righty so including a remastered halo combat evolved and halo 2 and graphical upgrades to the third and fourth games there's no better way to experience this amazing series there are over a hundred multiplayer maps between them with limitless game modes. 

And map customisations thanks to forge all four campaigns are a blast to play and with the added ODST to the collection renowned soundtrack and sound design that creates an immersive atmosphere. 

This Is the definitive Halo experience however apparently those online serves are still having issues which is why it's not higher on our list. 

4. ''DARK SOULS III '' 2016

By now you probably died enough but third entry in this immensely challenging series won't really care with great challenge comes great reward and we aren't just talking about new gear the satisfaction alone from being a difficult boss will make you jump for jy and praise the sun until you are killed for letting go of your controller \. 

It may be punishing but it's incredibly immersive with environmental storytelling at its finest and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack its dark world keeps you constantly on edge and by the end of it. 

You'll feel like you've really transformed as a player and accomplish something which is a true testament to the game's design and direction go link that fire. 


Tactical espionage action is definitely right at home with Metal Gear solid 5 the biggest entry into the widely popular franchise there are literally dozens of ways to accomplish your objectives with. so many varying factors such as time of day weather patrol shifts in whether or not you just want to feel like being a badas. 

Today it's also beautifully directed with amazing performances from all the actors each encounter is a puzzle of its own and althouth its story is unfortunately not as fleshed out as the previous games you'll still have a lot to share with others based on your own personal experience. 

2. WITCHER 3 WILD HUNT. 2015'' 

Probably the most in depth layered RPG that's currently out there the Witcher 3 is a masterpiece in almost every aspect there's hundred of hours of content with an enormous map that rewards contacts exploration. 

It's so easy to lose yourself in this world every character and every creature has their own story and what you  do has a lasting impact on the narrative and environment. 

The plot is engaging and no two questing are the same combat is also as responsible and fluid as you'd expect and there is so much loop to find the Witcher 3. is not only one of the greatest RPGs you'll very experience. 

But it's arguably one of the best open-world games you'll have a plate to boot. 

1. ''FORZA HORIZON 3'' 2016. 

An amazing soundtrack perfect vehicle handling and a breathtaking location comes together perfectly in this stunning entry into the long-running force a series it improves upon its predecessors in almost every way there's a huge garage and every car can be heavily customised the sound design and weather effects are also top-notch design and weather effects are also top-notch. 

And it's open world australia locale contains an array of different landscapes to race on there's enough content in this game to satisfy any car enthusiast and even if you aren't a fan of racing games will guarantee you'll still have a blast with this one. 

So do you agree with our list what's your favourite Xbox one game is that you need. 

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