Top 10 worst serial killers of all time, Mass Murderers.


Top 10 serial killer


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This is the worst serial killers of all time and some of these serial killers can be identified as mass murderers as well so coming in. 


Yes he's a doctor and let's call him doctor insane so he's a British doctor guilty of 15 murders he was sentenced to life in prison and the judge recommended that he never be realised dr. Harold used lethal injections to kill his patients and it went undetected for many many years a lot of people were concerned to why his death rates were so high. 

So he was caught and sentence away in 2004 he was found in his cell hung he took his own life the eve of his 58th birthday the sun newspaper came up with a front headline news saying ship hooray. 

So ted Bundy who is known as the lady killer comes in at. 

DR HAROLD SHIPMAN serial killer

9. TEDY BUNDY - The Lady Killer. 

He was an American serial killer rapist and necrophilia he assaulted and muredered women back in the 70s he confessed the 30 murderes but that number can be much higher and he committed all these crimes when was his 29s and 30s. 

So the crimes took place in nine states some of those states was washington utan Florida Colorado Oregon Idaho and California so he was caught buttress what he escaped from jail and then was captured again. 

And the same thing he escaped the third time he was captured for good it's like throwing a pokeball and they just like they get out you gotta like master ball is so you assess it's a death file execution. 

So now we have Gary ridgeway at. 

TEDY BUNDY - The Lady Killer.


He is an American serial killer that is know as the green river killer he was initially convicted of 48 separate murders but later he confessed to nearly twice that number and this is all a part of his plea bargain to avoid the death penalty Gary has become one of the most prolific American serial kilers of all time and this is the amount of people the murdered. 

And this all took place in washington state and California during the 80s and the 90s most of his victims were alleged to be prostitutes well he was pry headed into he was sent to Washington state penitentiary where he was sentenced  to life imprsonment without parole because of his story he became famous in the film industries. 

There was movies after him there was someone who played him I a comedy show Reno 911 the Green River Killer was also mentioned on everyone he is Chris and dexter. 



Which means the beats so he's a Colombia rapists and child serial killer in 1999 he admitted to rape torture and murdere of a hundred and forty seven young boys there was confirmed 138 of them but investigators believe the never control 300 he is being dubbed the worst serial killer in history. 

So he was caught and sent off to prison for 835 years but the maximum punishment in Colombia for murder is 30 years. 

So that's exactly what he received there was a public alpers on the case everyone feels the sentence was not sufficient enough for the punishment that he committed some have argued he deserved either life on prison or the death penalty. 

So since this case in Colombia they have increased the maximum penalties to 60 years in prison Daniel carmargo who is a very bad man well he's so bad that he  comes in at. 



Let's call him the Colombian killer is believed that he raped about 150 young girls and this all took place in the 70s and 80s he was caught and put in prison in Georgianna which is known as a Colombian Alcatraz his sentencing sixteen years. 

I know mind blown and that's because that was the maximum sentencing at that time in Ecuador but Dan was able to escape in a boat in 1984 authorities assumed he was dead at sea there was reports that came out saying that he was eaten by a shark. 

But as little time went by he made it to land and that's when he committed even more crimes the crimes happened from 1984 to 1986 he committed a series of at leat 54 rapes and murders. 

Well Daniel was caught again and he was killed in prison in 1994 by Luis nerved which was the cousin of one of his victims,



Now we have Pedro Rodriguez fellow coming in to the 5 spot he was a Brazilian serial killer Nate named killer PD petrol started killing at a very young age when he was 13 years old he had his first urge to kill he tried to kill his older cousin 

But he survived at 14 years old he killed his first victim and that was the vice mayor of alfa Anna's where he loves which is located in Brazil and he killed him because well he fired his father when he got older the woman that he was living with was murdered so he revenged her death and he killed 10 people that was a part of a gang eventually  Pedro went on to kill somewhere between 70 to 100 people he was caught. 



And send us away to life now for the youngest mass mureder on the list and I'm talking about 20 year old Adam Lanza and let's call him the sandy hook mass muredere he was the kid responsible for 28 total death 28 of them happened at the sandy hook elementary school in Connecticut which is located in the states.

Adam fatally shot 20 children to go along with six adult staff members and just before he drove to school he shot dead his mother the incident he shot dead his mother the incident was the deadliest mass shooting that took place at a high school or grade school in the United States ever item was never captured because he committed suiceide at the scene shooting himself in the head HH Holmes comes in . 


3. H.H. HOLMES. 

Let's call him the hotel murderer he designed and built a hotel specifically to be his murderer play house these murders occurs during 1889 and 1896 and it's hoe place in Chicago it was come from the 27 people were murdered but the number could go all the way up into 200. 

I mean in this real life right now how many people did he actually kill so he was capture at the age of 35 years old and was hung to death Geils DoDEA'S comes in at. 



Let's call him the grandfather of serial killers he killed between 80 to 100 people but some people claim these numbers can get all the way up to six hundred most of his victims those young boys with blond hair and blue eyes.

This guy is just so sick he would take these victim and just let them bleed to death you would actually get his servants  to get their blood and just bathe him in the blood he was having bloodbaths with all these little boys blood so he was captures and hung in 1440. 


Better known as the monster of the Andreas so he's a 66 year old Columbia serial killer and he was accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across his native nation Pedro knew and Ecuador he would be protected by its laws and thats because the maximum sentencing is 16 years back. 

Then it doesn't matter how many people you kill if it's one if it's a thousand you're not allowed to get consecutive sentencing.

I think the country need to fix those laws that is ridiculous so he was captured in 1980 and he led police to the grave the 59 of his victim in Ecuador all these girls were aged 9 to 12 years old 18 years after he was captured he was released back into the public he was released from a psychiatric hospital and good behaviour after initial being found insane I think that's insane to let free man to there who was deemed insane put in the public isn't he just gonna do this again. 


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