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Top 10 best football players, Young, Famous, and Talented footballers.


Top 10 young footballer



At 20 years of age Karim aryami has established himself as the next young forward to break onto the sense at red bull salzburg with 19 goals and 5 asses this season he is set for Summer mode to Borussia Dortmund to replace erring Harlan as well as potential inclusion in fancy flicks gran squad for the upcoming World Cup Kareem adeyemi poses incredible acceleration his dribbling skills are excellent. 


Jamal musical has made huge impact for brain minutes and germany museums has scored 9 goals and 7 assists this season despite getting less playtime Jamal musical exhibits incredible dribbling and finishing ability mucilage also creates many key passes per game. 

He even contributes in defence by ball interceptions when Thomas muller was asked about Jamal museums in an interview he said Jamal is a good kid with super skills you can always use him which means something advanced even though he is just 18. 


The 17 year old Eduardo kamavinga is a strong smart and skilful midfield kamavinga is a high energy and high intensity player of the ball kamavinga is a super substitute for real muredere assists this season. 

Kamavinga is incredibly strong and possess insane passing and dribbling skills karamavinga also have immense concentration in the game when Ancelotti was asked about karma vine's role in the club he said. 

Kamavinga is the present and future of this club this is quite clear for him and for us the day that moderate kesamiro and cruz are older we will have kamavinga velveted and the youngsters who are in the casstella like Antonia blanco we have the ideal relief for the legends of the club. 


17 Year old gabby is a generational talent he has gradually become a world class prodigy gave is the youngest player ever to play for Spain grave has scored 4 gold and 5 ass this season which is a good performance by a midfielder avi possess incredible dribbling skills grave also creates many key passes and through balls per game. 


Federich's performance over the last two season has seen his profile skyrocket there is no doubt that the 19 year old can leave Barca's midfield for the upcoming year feeder also have scored five goals and four assists this season. 

Pedri is an intelligent and technically gifted player with a great passing ability he even contributes in the defence by ball interceptions when Xavi was asked about the best prospect in the world he replied by saying he reminds me a lot of Andres invests if we are talking about pure talent Pedry. 

Is the best prospect in the world he is a wonderful player I haven't seen talents like him 


Is an exceptionally talented footballer who still has best year ahead of him Bellingham knowns how to rotate with his teammate in order to create space for himself and his teammate Bellingham has scored 7 goals and 12 lashes in the season which is great performance by a young midfielder. 

Bellingham has great skills and dribbling ability Bellingham also helps in creating space and providing key passes for his teammates when Southgate was asked why did he select Jude bilingual for the England squad he replies by saying. 

Jude is phenomenal just entraining in the lats couple of days to have a 17 year old who wants to compete with senior players, not only has the technique but the competitiveness and maturity he is a hugely exciting player he is going to vie an important player for England.


Is a great prospect and he has the potential to become best left back in the world. Davis is also a main reason for Canada team getting qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 Davis has scored 5 goals and 11 assist intros season.

The traits of Alfonse Davis are his acceleration and sprint speed are astonishing he likes to dribble past the defender he also contributes defensively for his team Thomas muller appreciated Davis by saying 

He is a player with lot of heart and a lot of power extreme power sometimes maybe his position on the field is nor the best but he gets the opponent thinking. 


Florian woods is an outstanding young talent of bayer lovicusian he has scored 10 goals and 16 assess this season despite is injuries he is under the radar of Real Madrid. 

The traits of florian words are his key passes and his dribbling skills and he also makes excellent through balls to his teammates and has great finishing ability. 


Is a great player with immense talent and potential bukay Osaka has scored 17 goals and 10 asses in this season the thats of bukayo saga are his key passes and his crossing ability and he also has good finishing technique Gareth Southgate praised bukayasaka by saying he scores gold he makes gold and defend for the team he is fabulous kid if your daughter brings bukayo home you'd be more than happy. 


Is considered one of the best young player in the world despite exhibiting his performance Fordham has not won the golden boy award Phil Fordham is the successors of David silva of Man City Phil foreign has scored 14 goals and 16 assists in this season Phil forbed exhibits excelllents passing skills and also have good crossing ability, 

His dribbling skills are astonishing which is similar to that of his role model David silva pep guardiola appreciated Phil pod by saying ford is the most talented player I have ever seen. 

Second I didn't meet Leo Messi at 17 years when I met Phil and at that age I have never seen a player with this potential but you have to see it on the pitch and on the biggest stage. 


Earling harlan is one of the most accurate shooters and clinical finishers in europe's top  five league at 21 years of age he has the potential to become one of the greatest players of his generation Harlan has scored 41 goals and 9 assets in this season. 

Herlem possess incredible acceleration and physicality his short power adds advantage to his finishing ability and he also makes excellent through balls for his teammates when pep was asked about signing early Harlan phipp replies that it is a decision of the club to make a good signing for the future he can come for many many years. 

Hopefully I am pretty sure he will adapt perfectly I like to work with good players they make you a good manager he is an incredible young talent with perfect age I am pretty sure we are going to help him settle as best as possible. 


Vinicius has gone from junior to senior in Real Madrid squad his recent firm describes why he is the world's most valuable footballer Vinicius junior is the second highest goal scorer for real moderate he has scored 22 goals and 16 asses in this season and he was the one who scored goal against Liverpool in champions league final. 

Vinicius junior has incredible acceleration and dribbling skills Vinicius jaya has great passing ability with many key has great passing withi many key passes per game, which helped his partner benzene to reach milestone. 

Carlo anceloti praised Vinicius by saying Vinicius has improved because he does things with less rush than before Vinicius has fantastic speed and talent I had never seen a player with this ability to go one on one but he still has the capacity to improve. 

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