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Things you don't know what they were used for, curiosity.


Things you don't know


When people first began developing tools to make life easier each and every detail of a tool served as a specific purpose nothing they. did was by chance or for show even what was intended to be artwork served a purpose related to religious beliefs or common daily activities nothing was abstract and everything was very deliberate from soda cans. 

And can openers to seams and tape measuring machines there are design details that appear purely aesthetic but actually serve a very useful purpose their purpose may appear obvious at times. 

But the product's intended purpose is something you never considered you're watching get curious where you get your dose of curiosity here are 15 everyday items that you may not have realised, serve the purpose.


Have you ever wanted just one tic tac but no matter how hard you shake the box none come out or do you get a flood of tactics when you only wanted one here's what you should  do use the lid turn the box on its side hold it with one hand and then open the lid with the other. 

And it's a tic tac dispenser with a mild that ensures only one tic tac is released at a time. 

Tic Tac lid use


The all the shape claws on the rim of a pasta scoop are for gripping pasta as you scoop it out so it doesn't slide off the utensil but what about the strange hole in the muddle of the scoop's bottom while you may have assumed it was for straining excess juice or sauce. 

It actually serves a much more useful purpose than that by slipping a bundle of dry noodles into the scoops hole you can determine how much dry pasta you will need for a serving this will help single diners avoid overeating on pasta. 

Use of hole in spaghetti spoon


Many men wold be surprised to lean that most women have no idea what the small pocket sunni to their pants serves although women have found them useful for storing tampons and other small items off a private nature. 

This isn't the reason they're there this pocket is actually referred to as a panty gusset and was never meant to be pocket at all rather it is an extra piece of fabric sewn in for women's hygiene and the guest is completely closet in higher end panties the pocket is simply the result of manufactures unwillingness to invest the time. And money required to complete the final few stitches

Use of underwear pocket


It's that time of year when everyone digs down their winter clothing your winter cap or beanies is somewhere among the snow suits puffy jackets winter boats and mountains of mismatched gloves like most people today you may believe that the goofy pom pom dangling from the end of your beanies is simply for decoration. 

But it  originally served a much more functional purpose you might be surprised to learn that the common beanie we see today was invested by vikings to keep their ears warm in Norway's harsh winter climate to keep the scenes from coming apart the pom-pom was soon to the top of the cap later on instead of pompoms buttons. 

Were used to blind the seams and it looked like a small bean at the top hence the name we know. 

Use of Pom Pom hat


Have you ever wondered why the edges of dimes and quarters are rough on while the edges of nickels and pennies are smooth you're right to be curious because there's a very good reason for this coins used to be stand from. various types of metal casts. 

And different weights that represented the true value of the coin one silver dollar for example was made form one ounce of silver people began shaving off the edges  of coins to save up for later melting into new coins. 

And then they would spend the shape coins at their full value even though they were no longer worth that much to avoid this coin minters began using the rigid pattern only on precious metal ones making it easy to tell if a coin had been shaved.

Use of ridges on coins



If you're like the majority of the rest of the world you remember as a child wondering what the tiny hole in your pen cap was for even as adults when we noticed a small opening in the cap we are left wondering what it is doing there while many have dismissed it is a bizarre way to keep the ink flowing there is a much more thoughtful explanation manufacturers of the pants that are so common in our lives realise that small children would eventually end up with these choking hazards in there mounth 

They took precautions to keep them from suffocating by drilling a hole in the cap so that if one became lodged in a child's drone they could still breath air into their lungs. 

Why pen caps have holes


Most of us were taught as children that two-tone erasers could only be used to erase spending with one side unfortunately as children that two-tone erasers could only be used to erase spending with one side. 

Unfortunately double colours has it is uses, although you will not be able to save your paper from ink marks the opposite side of these erasers are useful a two- tone eraser with a red blue or grey and can be used to erase pencil and graphite markings from different type of artist vapour that are more sensitive to friction and easily tear when a regular eraser is used on them. 

Double colored eraser


Most soda bottles have a small plastic ring attached to the lid that is barely visible if you've ever wondered why you're wearing this ring the answer is simple it's to prevent the soda's gas from  scaling and the soda from going flat even if it's been shaking arond in your backpack. 

All day well now you know. 

Bottles security ring uses


Packs are included with products to preserve freshness it's right there on the little packet but have you ever wondered how this small sack of beads works to protect your product silica gel is classified as a desiccant which means it absorbs moisture from its surrounding the small packets are filled with silica gel beads which can absorb up to 50 of humidity in an anclosed environment keeping anything that can spoil with too much moisture nice. 

And dry so save those packets and put your phone in a bag full of them the next time you need to dry it out it works much better and is less messy than rye. 

Uses of Silica gel


Is used in many doorknobs because it kills bacteria as a result these doorknobs are virtually germ free ideal for a family with multiple children. 

Why brass doorknobs


There is a reason why the two sides of a cotton pad aren't the same the buy side it turns out is for applying make up while the flat side is for removing it the more you learn moving on to. 

Uses of double sided makeup pads


Believe it or not though small metal reverts in your jeans serve a purpose they aren't just for show they are strategically fastened in places where jeans used to fall apart while denim jeans are now primarily sold for the way they make our buttocks look they were originally popular among the working class including farmers miners ranchers neighbours. 

And others to keep their workloads from ripping apart at the seams they used rivets in the areas where they were most likely to rip give them some extra life. 

Uses of tiny buttons on your jeans


Have you ever had to dog ear a brand new book because you didn't have a book mark so the next time you're in that situation just use the dust jacket so you don't have to remember where you left off reading or ruin your bug see the dust jackets isn't just there to tell you about the author of the book it's also very useful. 

Uses of dust jacket

14. BUMPS ON ''F'' AND ''J'' KEYS.

When you're typing away on your keyboard you probably don't even notice the raised bumps when you hit the f and j keys when you do notice them you probably wonder what they are doing  if you recall your elementary school Days you will recall that the letter F and J are the home keys where your index finger should rest for the most efficient typing these raised bumps. 

Were added  to keys to assist your index fingers in returning to the home position without taking your gaze away from the computer screen. 

Why keyboard has j and f keys


Have you ever noticed that the bottoms of most mugs have indentations can you figures out what they're used for it's not just to make them easier to stack it's actually. to allow water to drain away while they're in the dishwasher that way when they come out they're dry. 

And you  don't have  to deal with a flood of dishwater water on your favourite mugs the indentations are also clever because they keep the mug from sticking to the table. 

When it's wet win-win situation these are just a few examples  of everyday items that we had ni idea what they were for there are hundreds of thousands more,. 

Whys Mug indentations

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