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Top 10 best video games you need to play at least once, You need to experience this.

Best game you need to play


Welcome to Chaltends News!. Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 video games everyone needs to play at least once, here we go again for this lest we'll be looking at the groundbreaking and gene defining video games we believe everyone needs to experience once in their lives of course to be fair we're only including one game pre franchise what games are on your must play lists share with us in the comments below. 


Bryce is somebody there from the moment we descended into the watery depths and came across rapture for the first time we knew we had something special with what we believed to be one of the finest FPS campaigns ever crafted we were forced into the middle of a city at war. 

Around every corner were drug-crazed citizens political machinations and philosophical quandaries that kept us diving deeper rapture's lore and characters fascinated us. 

But the gameplay of Bioshok was also highly gratifying at first we felt like a lamb led to slaughter but with upgradeable weapons and a plentora of super powering granting plasmids to unlock we became a god among men utterly thrilling in every sense bioshock is a masterpiece in tension and world building. 

9. PORTAL 2'' (2011)

And it's not out of the question that you might have a very minor case of serious brain damage if you're looking for a game to flex your puzzle solving muscles while experiencing a creative and often hilarious narrative you should look no further than portal 2. 

Both the single player and multiplayer campaigns built on the incredible foundation of the first game expanding in delightful ways the new voice cast editions of JK Simmons and Steven merchant as well as the return of Ellen clean and glades made the story fly off the screen while playing alone you'll uncover more dark history of aperture while playing with a friend you'll find some of the best. 

Camaraderie building brain teasers ever seen in Video games simply put there's no going wrong with portal 2. 

8. DOOM. 

The FPS genre owes an awful lot to doom while wolfesnsein 3d may have come first it's the slaye'rs first outing that's the more influential never before had we felt so powerful and vicious within a video game and there are few games in existence that have managed to top that feeling since genius in its simplicity we could spend hours running around blasting through demonic hordes with extreme prejudice how id software managed to pack so much awesome into its gameplay. 

And soundtrack still confounds us there's reason doom has been ported to every platform under the sun as well as a ton of non-gaming devices by passionate fans because it's something everyone should experience. 

7. THE LAST OF US'' 2013'' 

Part two may have divided the fan base but there's no denying how exceptional the first game is although the premise of a post-apocalyptic world world ravaged by a virus seems done to death naughty dog proved it an entirely new direction to take it in the tale of Joel and Ellie two deep characters forced into companionship is one that will forever be celebrated in the annals of video game history thought provoking. 

And heartbreaking the last of us experts navigates complex themes and characterisation though the wonderful performances of Ashley Johnson and troy baker in the lead roles deserve just as much praise as the writing on top of being a master class in storytelling It's also frequently terrifying. 

6. ''POKEMON GOLD & SILVER'' (2000)

Arguably gamers should play at leats one entry in this long-running RPG series but for us the peak of greatness came in generation 2. 

Gold and silver included the main drawing points of the original games cute powerful monsters to battle with however it made several small, changes to enhance the experience a hundred new Pokemon and greta ones at that felt incredibly exciting new. 

Gameplay features could give you the edge in battle new attacks and types and your party's ability to carry items others were just fun inclusions like the ability to breed Pokemon gold and silver are near perfect examples on how to build the sequel. 

And expand your fan base you can't go wrong with the DS remakes either. 


Is such a massively popular game that chances are you've already played it at least once anyway but if you haven't we'd okay if you want to pause this video to rectify that for more than a decade. 

Now players have been getting sucked into the creative possibilities of these blocky works although its presentation is simple that doesn't matter when you're building crafting exploring and vanquishing surprisingly tough foes when you explore too deep seeing what players have been able to build whether they be impressive recreations or monuments to their own imagination has astounded us. 

Thankfully Minecraft still receives contact updates to keep the player base happy and the inventiveness flowing. 


There are a plethora of must play open world fantasy regs including the groundbreaking Skyrim however the open fantasy world we keep returning to time and time again is that of the Witcher 3 wild hunt although he'd starred in two previous games it was here that we became enraptured with Gerald of river through his profound relationships with Siri besamir and Yennifer the political strife of the continent compelled us instilling a desire to play a part. 

No matter how dastardly the other characters were the fantastical beasts were at times imposing and in others downright disgusting but we loved using Gerald's variety of spells to take them down regardless believe me these folks need all of it. 


To be completely honest every player should play any Mario game at least once but given our one per franchise rule we have to go with new classic with the rulers of various kingdoms transformed into animals Mario and Luigi stout to make things right super Mario brothers 3. 

Is such a flawless platform  and a monumental step over what came before it in terms of game design it began the trends of different themed worlds scaling beautiful in difficult and included exciting new power-ups like the tank leaf and hammer seat despite its age it's just as fun to play today as it was on release and every Nintendo fan owes it to themselves to seek it out. 


Like Mario multiple entries in rockstar's grand theft auto series could appear here but thanks to the engaging world the amazing soundtrack and the terrific characterisation of its protagonist San Andreas is a tough one to top upon retiring home following his mother's murder CJ is Brought back into his old lifestyle and must contend with corrupt police officers and warring gangs rockstar. 

Took the real-life events of early 90s Los Angeles and melded them into its own narrative it paid homage to the time period while giving us the tools to run rampant causing mayhem a staple of he franchise though it may not look it sn Andreas is still fun to play today it's just a shame the remaster didn't do it justice before we unveil our top pick. 


  • HALF LIFE 2. 2004


Ocarina of time is one of the most important games ever released so of course every gamer should experience it its influence on the action adventure genre can still be seen today yet itself still plays tremendously well everything from its music to its lore from its characters to its puzzles enchanted us then and remarkably they still do set up as a simple good versus evil story in a fantasy world it subtly explores the loss of childhood and innocence. 

As well as the sacrifice that comes from answering a higher calling its levels and characters whether big or  small remains some of the most iconic in the medium if you've never played it you're missing out on something truly extraordinary. 

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