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How towatch DSTV on your phone for free, Step by step. You can qlso watch in PC and Smart TV.


How to watch DSTV on your phone


Hello welcome back to ChalTrends and as I've always promised you that I will be bringing you step by step guide on how to watch this. 

Today in this Post we are going to learn every step that you have always wanted to know in watching this tv on your phone or on computer so the first thing you have to do is head over to play store as we go now. 

1. Head over to the Play Store(INSTALLING DSTV APP). 

And search for the tv now you see it comes like this so I already installed this dust now but if you don't have just come that you must install so mine I have to update since I already have it. 

So there's a new update well so the update so just go just click open now you can see from this area this is the area you are going to create or link because this step is what we use for linking and also creating so form this area it shows you that sign in details. 

But you don't actually touch anything of that you will only come back to tap when you already linked our details or your dust account to create their email address. 

So now you head over to the part sign up can see here it's saying sign up you tap on it well when you see this menu popping up like this they need an email address that you can always use for logging in and also any telephone number that you can be able to use for logging in so like for example let me put in this email my email will be ubentek 

So I'm going to put in my telephone number and you create your password once you're done with that remember the country code should be the country where you live in for example mine is Uganda. 

Now when it comes to this part you're going to enter your smart card number or your customer number for example I want just to enter my smart card number so you click on find my dust package so you can see this it shows the your details that you have linked with this tv. 

So this information is what they registered on your these tv details or the quota when you purchased it so in case you registered the number that you lost uh previously in the next video I'm going to show you how you can be able to quest or digest your number to be be the correct number. 

You have so that you're able to receive top so in case you want that tutorial, so that you don't miss when I upload. 

So now you're going to click on the number you they chose you from you click on the number for example me I want to use a telephone number not email address so you'll say continue so you can see the otp comes in it shows five nine one seven. 

So I'm going to enter 5917, once that comes we're just going to continue now you can see it strays away takes you to DSTV you can look at this area and in this point you will just going to create which average you want to choose from here for example let me use this then I call it this bend take. 

Now you can see this pen so once you're done with that you save now you can see once this is done I just going to tap on that profile like this and to be able to show you all the movies that you can be able to watch for example I can come to live tv. 

So when you come to live tv you'll see like all channels you can see the channels you have magic up for everything you come to sport you see sport channels are all of them and if you open like for example maybe one of these you'll be able to see a lot of things you come to general enterprise. 

So everything if you come to catch up you'll be able to see tv shows so this is what you're going to do so it's just you follow that step and also If you want to watch shows marks for free. 

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