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How to watch Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon for free.


House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones


Game of thrones is back the house of Targaryens is back the highly anticipated prequel to the fantastic show that was game of thrones the tragically addicting show that was game of thrones is back. 

And it's going to be better than ever hopefully now since it's a prequel you do not need to watch a single minute of game of thrones to understand anything but for this Post I'm going to show you how you can stream house of dragon which is the new prequel and game of thrones in its entirety for free or for stupid cheap. 

And that's what this Post is all about everyone My name is ChalTrends and welcome back to where to stream where we just we go over everything that has to do with streaming. 

Let's get into the Post now the prequel to game of thrones the house of the dragon is going to be released in a fw days and it follows the the rise and fall of the house of the dragon the Targaryens and what eventually led to tamarins Targaryen that her name is really hard to say quickly what led to her taking over the entire world essentially. 

Now ever since the final minute of game of thrones people have just been waiting for new stories new spin-offs so they are bringing you prequel now I personally am very pumped for this and I'm also very pumped to watch it for free. 

Now game of thrones and the house of the dragon are both gonna be released on hobo max max is 15 without ads but we're going to do our best to bring that price pint down all right now if you click the titles video I promised you a way to watch this bad boy absolutely free. 

And as of right now this is the only way to get hob max for free now the first thing that you need to do is open up a hulu account now they also have free trials so do not worry about it now. 

Once you open a hulu account you are going to add on hob max now adding hob max on hulu they give you a seven day free trial and free trials of hob max are just they're just essential. 

Nowhere to be found so the fact that they still have this is fantastic and you can use that seven days to binge absolutely every single episode of game of thrones as you possibly can watch the first couple episodes of the house of the dragon. 

Now that is the only way to stream everything to stream absolutely everything that these two shows have to offer for free now as of right now there's something really cool that hob released you do not need to have an account you just need to have internet is that they are allowing you to stream up to I think it's eight episodes the most important episodes of game of thrones. 

That have to deal with the targets so it's Targaryen themed so you do not get to choose which episodes that you want to watch they care to do that for you but essentially you can watch up I think it's six to eight episodes for absolutely free you do not need to sign up. 

You don't have to do anything all you have to do is go to the hob max website and it is right there now the fact that they're doing this is fantastic but it makes a lot of sense because they want to rebuild up all the hype surrounding this new television show I seriously can not wait for this one so those are the only ways that I found that you can stream games thrones content for free legally. 

Now let's get into how to do it for really cheap so as of right now and up to October 30th if you buy the one -year subscription of hob max it is 40 off it's 40 off the one with ads and it's also 40 off the description without ads that's fantastic that's gonna bring your price point down a whole bunch well obviously 40. 

Now another way that I found that where you could save a good amount is if you have a capital one credit card now capital one has its own offers section um a lot of companies now are doing cash offers it's a way for the company to promote their business um. 

And then also for the cardholder to get extra cash back now if you have a capital one card you can get up to 22 dollars back in cash back for the three month billing cycle which is just over seven dollars a month and that's for the ad free plan. 

So your 15 is essentially cut in half then there's also deals if you get the one the subscription with ads now if you combine them the 40 off and uh up to 27 in cash back you are getting I mean you're getting a crazy god deal. 

So if you have a capital one credit card or you want to subscribe for the entire year you got the deals bow starting this Sunday and each and every Sunday the house of dragon will be premiering a new episode going all the way up to October 23rd where they will air their season one finale. 

So you could time it right you could just wait a little bit and just watch essentially everything or you could watch it week by week. So that is essentially it that is all I got for today's Post. That is how you stream game of thrones and it's prequel the house of the dragon for free or for super cheap. 


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