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How to watch live football on your smartphone using showmax


Watch live match online


This Post should be of help today we're talking about showman now showmax now show max is owned by multi-choice which also owns DSTV. 

So what they basically did was they took some live sport channels super sport and then some other shows and movies and then they put them all in an app and called it show max. 

So yes you can now watch live premier league games live champions league games laliga games Syria air games Uefa conference league games uefa conference league games you can now watch light football.


And other sports on the go so all you have to do is head over to your play store or apple App Store search up show max download it once you open the app you want to sign up, create an account and it's pretty simple just impute your email address and you create a password and then this part is optional. 

But you can add your phone number once you do that it takes you to the next page which is where you select your plans now you actually want to pay attention. 

There are two major categories we have all devices and mobile devices so mobile devices that's just your phone and your tablet and then all devices that's your phone your tablet your laptop your smart tv maybe your xbox. 


So under each main category there are sub categories or the plans so for all devices we have show max and show max pro and then for mobile devices we have sure max mobile and show max pro mobile now if you want to watch live sports that's premier league games shout Disney games. 


All that you have to go with the pro so whether you're going for all devices or just mobile devices you have to go with the pro okay so if you're trying to pick between mobile devices here are some difference so with mobile devices you can only watch on your phone. 

And your tablet like I mentioned earlier you can also only have one stream and your account registered to just one device but if you're going with the all devices and then you get two streams at the same time as well as five registered devices also the max streaming quality on mobile would be 720p. 

But on all devices it's going to be 1080 now of course the old devices category or plan is more expensive I think it costs 6 300 while the mobile devices won goes for 3 200. 

So once you select your plan you then just you know choose your form of payment and that's it you can now watch your premier league games and your champions leagues games on your mobile device or tv and three are some disadvantages too like. 

If you go with the mobile devices package then max streaming quality max that 720p it's good enough but I guess if you want higher resolution you gotta pay more. 

We also have the problem of you know your mobile network that's not on them that's really on your mobile network so yeah you gotta have a good steady internet connection in order to avoid buffering over and over again. 

But aside from that I think it's pretty god like it's a way to save money because there are some people who don't watch all the channels tsdb provides just majorly sports. 

So if you're that type of person then that's another way where you could save money. 

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