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Top 10 greatest Muhammad Ali Quotes, Inspirational and Entertaining quotes.


Greatest Muhammad Ali quotes


Inspirational and entertaining Muhammad Ali infuenced pop culture through his unique way of communicating with the world welcome to this Page and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten.

Muhammad Ali quotes for this list we're focusing on the most classic lines spoken by this famous boxer and American icon they speak English French and African we can't even speak English good. 

10. ''Service to others is the rest you pay for your Room here on earth. 

With Muhammad Ali quote the legendary athlete reminds us of a basic truth we often take for granted life is a gift it's a quote that can jump-start any day and regardless of one's personal death the basic sentiment rings true back in Ali's time there were consequences for speaking out against traditional norms. 

But one could always improve his or her life by maintaining a positive attitude and showing support for others because of that this quote is timeless. 

9. If You Even Dream Of Beating Me, You Better Wake Up And Apologize''

Over his '61 career fights Muhammad Ali would usually embarrass his opponents with technique and verbal jabs even when he lost so this quote makes perfect sense given the champs 56 carer victories 37 of which came by knockout. 

But if you're at all familiar with Ali's hilarious bravado then you just may smile when you hear this classic quote after all he was the greatest during his prime and his opponents recognised how easily he could talk the talk and walk the walk. 

8. It Isn't The Mountains Ahead To Climb That Wear You Out' It's The Pebble In Your Shoe''

I'm desi throughout his career Muhammad Ali would offer up some telling words about overcoming adversity he was more than just a respected boxer he was a seasoned champ that had been through it all both inside and outside the ring. 

Even so Ali still managed to retain his elite status and his practical way of thinking reminds us of the little things we tend to overlook in our journey through life we can see the big obstacle in front of us. 

But it's crucial to identify the small ones that come along the way given Ali's training regimen and life experiences it's safe to say he knew what he was talking about players point toward those of us down in press row. 

And I told you so I tried to tell you and you wouldn't listen now do you believe it now do you believe it. 

7. ''Impossible is potential Impossible Temporary Impossible is nothing'' 

With experience comes a greater understanding of yourself and your personal goals and for someone is experienced and motivated as Muhammad Ali the word impossible was just that a word but it's okay to believe is nothing. 

So this quote promotes a progressive outlook life one that can't be minimised by cheap talk and a fatalist attitude by using the words potential and temporary Ali captures not only the spirit of his profession and his rise to glory. 

But also the day-to-day grind that may feel overwhelming or impossible to overcome even when Ali seemed to be the underdog which didn't happen often you could never count him out. 

6. I Should Be Postage Stamp. That's The Only Way I'll Ever Get Licked''. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about boxing is that it's all about violence and knockout but Muhammad Ali would change perceptions of the sport for 60s and 70s pop culture as he tried to minimise his lickings to keeps his career ticking this quote is more than just talk as Olii was infamous for his rope-a-dope-technique which worked wonders for him in the latter part of his career in his early years though Ali's speed. 

And agility kept opponents at bay and he was never ever knocked out during his professional career. 

5. ''I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was''. 

Everybody deals with personal insecurities at some point in life with this quote Muhammad Ali shows us that validation comes from within he would often boast about being the greatest and considering the fruits of his labor he made it easy for people to believe him he understood the essence of the sweet science. 

And his exceptional self motivation helped him flourish during those moments of adversity moments that could seem overwhelming to those lacking self-confidence. But not I'll leave he believed in himself first. 

And foremost allowing the world to believe in his talent. 

4. Lyrical cadence Muhammad Ali took a metaphorical approach while discussing his lifelong Battles. 

He went down before his legendary rumble in the jungle bout verses George Foreman and the collective poem speaks volumes about Ali's media appeal during his prime in other words some fighters perform while others perform with a purpose and these words capture the inner spirit Ali conveyed. 

So beautifully and eloquently you're telling me that Joe Lewis what knocked me out how would Joe Lewis knock me out when this is yo Lewis although the full quote is directly connected to a legendary pop culture event each passage remains relevant decades later hit the switch was in the bed for the room was dog.  

3. It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am''. 

Muhammad Ali understood the performance aspect of his profession though he enjoyed himself in the ring he also undoubtedly had fun while speaking with the media you must have got hurt in the ring. 

But this quote carries a higher truth as Ali proved himself to actually be the greatest at least in terms of boxing's role in pop culture. 

He balanced the line between arrogance and entertaining leaving the public to took beyond his bravado and recognised the true brilliance of both his words and ability to back them up even if the world didn't always understand Ali always understood who he wanted to be. 

2. Don't count the days. Make the days count.'' 

Well beyond his last professional fight Muhammad Ali remained an inspirational and highly relevant figure across the globe but long before his 2016 death this brief yet poignant quote zeroed in on a fundamental truth. 

Tomorrow is never promised it's one of those quotes that can easily be taken for granted or said during difficult times but it trips life down to the core reminding you of the sacrifices Ollie made in his personal and professional life with that in mind this quote undoubtedly takes on a greater meaning. 

  • Live every day as if it were your last, because someday you're going to be right.'' 
1. ''A man who has no imagination has no wings''. 

At only 18 years of age Cassius clay won a gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics four years later he became the heavyweight champ of the world ten years later the man now known as Muhammad Ali gave us this epic quote before he fought George Foreman a quote that defined the skills set that separated him from his peers on paper it's poetic. 

And when spoken by Muhammad Ali it's a phase that combines his poetry in motion with his technique in the ring perhaps most importantly it's a quote that references the natural aggression of boxing yet also reminds us of the artistry exemplified by Ali through his life and career it's kind of fancy like a butterfly sting like a bee. 

Do you agree with our list what's your favourite Muhammad Ali quote. 

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