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How to solve Rubik's cube, Easiest way, guide for beginners.


Easiest way to solve Rubik's cube


I don't know how you did it, but somehow you've stumbled upon the easiest way to solve a Rubik's cube. I've see tutorials out there , and they are great at solving Rubik's cube. 

But not so great at teaching someone else how to do it. I'll teach you slowly, step by step so you don't get lost. 

I'll teach you like an eight year old, An important part is knowing what side you're on. 

1. Understanding the Colors. 

For instance, this is the yellow side. when? Because the centre square is yellow, my turn over here this is the actually the orange side. Because the centre is orange here is the blue side. And so on. 

Also I know that the other side of the Cube back is green because green is opposite of blue Look there's the green side. 

So look at the chart we've got blue and green are cold colors those are opposites Red and orange are hot colors and white and yellow are daisy colors. those are opposites. 

Red and orange are hot colours and white and yellow are daisy colors so to prove that look, here's orange, that means reds, back here there's the red 

There's green where's the blue? the blue. Right back and I know that without even looking, there's the blue. And of course, we've got the yellow and the white so those are opposite colors this can come in handy. 

You could help you solve quicker when you're looking for a specific sign, you can get to it really quick when you find the opposite color. 


Thing we're going to do is start with the yellow side up, You know what side the yellow side is because the middles is yellow 

So this is the yellow side, it's facing up, and then it doesn't matter what side it's facing forward, but we're going to focus on the top and the side facing us. Again, it doesn't really matter what side is facing you. 

I want you to imagine that this yellow square is a yellow house and a road all the way around this house. in fact, we can even spin the top and it's not going to change anything. 

Go ahead and do that. 

Hold the bottom two layers and spin the top because it's not going to change anything, we're still going to have a road going around it, and yellow is still in the center, so feel comfortable making that. 

Making that spin. 

There's also a road that comes down right there this is a road and over here on the left, this is a road the middle is a median, which nothing can drive in. 

So there's pretty much a road everywhere expect for this median and of course, the house the goal is to get our cars parked around the house. 

Once you do that, then you have completed this step. So what are these cars? A car is a white square as long as it's not a corner piece. 

This is a Car. But if I turn it over, this is also a car, This is a car. But this one's not. Why? because it is a corner piece 

All right so let's park the cars is there a car available for us to park? Do you see a car? We're just to look at this side and see if we can even find a car, because our focus, again, is going to be the front of this and top this. Do we see a car? 

So let's drive him up. 

We know he belongs right next to this house. So we simply can turn the sign and park him where he belongs Ok I'm going to take him up, if I turn like that, 

and now he is parked ok now we've changed the cube a little bit by doing that. So double check. Is there any cars here? Actually yes, there is. 

Now there's another car available, but if I try driving him up I call that crashing cars so we're going have to move them out of the way. Again, I said to feel comfortable with spinning this top so we can spin it. 

So Now we can drive this car up the road and park it in front of that yellow house. Now we have two cars parked, Again, we've changed the sides. Let's look at it. 

I don't see any more cars, So now we're just going to look at another side, So the yellow side is up and we're going to check this side out. 

Do you see any cars? 

Yes, there's actually two cars, but they're in the median, so to get this one to come over there, we  would need to turn the cube to reposition it. So we're going to turn it like so and now this car can be driven up. 

So once again, we're going to crash into this car We would turn it out of the way. But notice this other car. It has a free spot, We could do that so let's drive him up to this spot. 

And now we have a final car left but again, he's still going to crash in this car. What do we do? we spin the top if we spun it this way, it wouldn't work because there's still a car in the way. If we kept going, we say now that doesn't work either. 

If I brought this up, it crash into this car then west here's the free spot. We just drive him up into that location and this is called the daisy once you solve the daisy, you completed this step if you go from a scrambled cube to the daisy in under one minute, then you're ready for step two. 

2. CARS 

You just go to the easiest solved icon and click on step two, you may run into a situation where you can't find your car. If you look there's no car. 

Just thought there's a white corner piece that doesn't count as a car, here we go no, car just a white corner piece. No car like corner piece, No car. So where's the car? The car is on the bottom of the cube it's where it's hiding. 

Of course, the middle white is not a car in the corner why? its not a car. But this one right is a car So how we get it to go from the bottom all the way to the top of the cube? well, there on the bottom it actually makes things easier because all you have to do is line up this blank parking spot to where that car is. 

So let's find them there's the car. MS and put my finger on it so we don't lose it. So the car is right there, and we're going to spin the top so that the parking spot this is the empty parking spot is now above where the car is. 

Cars I'm touching it with my finger my thumb is up in the blank parking spot and I'm simply going to do a one or two flip by changing the position of my thumb and finger like that, and it'll bring it to the top. 

And so we teleported that car up to the top really easy. So if you're always finding them on the bottom, that actually speeds things up it's real easy to bring the parking spot over the car and then just flip it in. 

Trying to solve the daisy, you may run into a situation where the car is at the top of the median. And just like I just showed all you have to do is turn. 

It doesn't really matter which way it can be on the right and left, just get it Off intermediate and get it onto the road so in this case, I'm going to go left and now it can be driven up. Again, there's a car, so we're just going to spin the cube top so we get to a free spot. 

Now I can drive that up where it goes if the cars' at the bottom of the median again, you just turn it and turn it to is on the road. Doesn't matter if it's right or left, we can turn to the right. 

In this case, they want to that matter we can go left if we wanted to, then we just drive them up we want to crash so we turn it. 

There's a free spot. The car will drive there if you can go from a scrambled cube all the way to the daisy in under one minute, then you're ready to go to the next step. 

3. Go to and on step two. 

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