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How to remove Acrylic nails at home without acetone, Step by step.


How to remove Acrylic nails


Hey guys in this Post I'm gonna show you how I remove my acrylic nails at home without using acetone. 


So let's begin these are the items that you will need and now brush coconut oil and now hard enough or an oil but I'll be using an illness by Rimmel London which is the 2-week nail hardening treatment because my nails are really damaged I will also be using this pink cuticle remover that I got from the philippines. 

I think every single filipino household that has a nail kit has this product a cuticle nipper to get rid of excess skin around your nails I would't stick a metal stick if you have one. 

So you can get rid of excess nail does clippers and I'll be using a large one of course you're going to need a nail file and on my pink one side is rough and the other side is a bit more smoother. 

So that I can have both options to buff my nails and finally you will need a bowl filled with warm water and so these are my nails after almost 2 months of no growth. 


So let's do something about it I'm going to soak the nails in the solution which is made up of warm water and soap for about 10 to 15 minutes soon as and now starts to feel softer that's when I will take them out 

I just performed my regular manicure diversity taking my nail clippers and cutting away my nails it is also important to note that I made sure not to cut my natural nail underneath the acrylics and just stopped before as you can see I flipped my hand over. 

So that I can see where my natural nail is then I took the metal state and place it in between my natural nails and the acrylics just until the acrylics started to pull away again. 

I also flipped my hand around so I can see in between my natural nail and the acrylic I took my nail clippers and I cut my nails so that they looked a little bit more neater. 


I took the pink cuticle remover solution and I placed it on all of my nails first just to soak them and then I put a second coat to before I scraped off the excess acrylic that was left on my nail 

I Took the pink nail file and started to buff down my nails with the rough edge and then I flipped over and used the softer side to make everything more smooth then I took the cuticle nipper. 

And I cut the excess skin that was around my nail after that I use the nail brush just away all the dust and then I went to go and wash my hands with soap to push my cuticles back. 


I was actually going to use a wooden stick but because I had this in my nail kit I decided to use it instead I have to now hardening strengtheners but often for now nurse by Rimmel because it is an intense two week treatment which is needed because my nails were quite damaged because I left the acrylics on for too long which of course you shouldn't do. 

So please don't do it guys the last part is optional but I always do this because I like my hands to be moisturised and that is putting coconut oil around my nails. 

Just so that my hands feel soft and smooth and it just makes the whole cuticle look even more prettier and voila we are done I always love how my hands feel so smooth and shiny after I complete a manicure on myself. 

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