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How to get rid of hiccups, Cure hiccups tricks.

How to get rid of hiccups


Number one googled question Is how do you get rid of hiccups now I know like a million old wives tales about this right like my brother used to scared them right because he thought that if you got if somebody gave you a fright it would chase the hiccups away what exactly is a hiccup. 

And it should be frightened cure hiccup it could work what Time takes I mean what in medicine when you have more than one answer to a problem you don't  have a perfect answer but then you wouldn't need more than one. 

I GOT IT BUT ALL THESE Solutions take up sort work the same way if you understand what they are they all make sense everybody,. 

So now this is the diagram it tells us most importantly that this muscle see this right here right beneath the hearth and right above the liver it's called the diaphragm and so the diaphragm when you goes down pulls the lugs these brown structures or lungs pull them down. 

And when you exhale you push the diaphragm up and that pushes the air out of the lungs everyone do this for me put your hand in your belly. 

You're right now in your belly besically when okay now when you inhale push your stomach out the opposite what you normally do and then exhale I've got a hole do the same thing now pull your belly button towards your spine like that right now. 

But that's doing it and you're inhaling your stomach out the capacitive counter -intuitive which what babies do naturally singers athletes do this what are they doing they're pushing their belly out they're putting a diaphragm down and they exhale but then the diaphragm go up. 

Now what happens if the nerve that controls a diaphragm it's called the phrenic nerve it runs right along these big structures the big blood vessels right behind them down to the diaphragm if that nerve gets irritated instead of controlling this gargantuan muscle that moves our lungs up. 

And down instead it sends them a short-circuited message thats a hiccup look at this animation this is really cool so after you actually see it you'll notice by the way the belly  tries to move out and there's a cup because the diaphragm line to go down. 

And now you're trying to exhale and get the hiccup again and there's a diaphragm goes up and down it gets hiccups in between because the nerves aren't able to do its job like a wire the catch phrase so if you can push out while you're breathing in that would help relieve it no when you push your belly up your you should always be breathing in the problem is nerve is super sensitive to something called carbon dioxide. 

Bring me that brings me I'll be every solution [retty much works by raising carbon dioxide in the blood because that describe when your carbon dioxide is up your body says you gotta breath you gotta breathe you gotta breath you can't afford hiccup. 

So for example grab this bag go now that's one way was it much cooler way of doing it I'm gonna do right now you grab your water here okay we're gonna drink water upside down this also works because you're not gonna do what yep like this are you ready I don't know what you're doing joking upside down. 

So out of the opposite side of the closet exactly there start away from you ready did you a Volvos drown myself please that the sign is if you do it wrong I think I just net potted for all these getting scared you hit go like this. 

And you hold your breath all those same tactics raise the carbon dioxide now you can show off for cocktail parties you know exactly how you say how bad does everyone in this room want to go home and have somebody up. 

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