Top 5 ways to remove gel nail polish at home, Simple and fast ways.


How to remove gel nail polish


Hey guys it's Chaltrends welcome back to my blog for today's Post I'm going to be showing you guys five different ways you can remove gel nail polish right at home. 

So we're just going to get right into it for all of these methods the first thing that you need to do is 

1. Remove that top layer, 

So this is the top coat whether it's matte or glossy you need to remove it completely and this is going to let the acetone actually soak off the gel polish. 

So you do have a few options for this you can use a nail file like I'm doing right there you can use a buffing block with some grit to it or you could use an e file I personally like to use the 180 grit nail file to do. 

This but again up to you but you do what to keep in mind the more that you file the less you have to soak so the thinner you can get the product the faster this whole process is but if you don't feel like filing you could just soak longer for all of these methods you are going to need pure acetone.


So this is one that I have this is from sally beauty and it just says pure acetone there's also this one this is 100 acetone that I got from target but do not try to use the non-acetone just regular nail polish remevore because it will not work. 

So with that let's get into the first way this is using soak of remover clips I get these from amazon I do have to say this is probably my least favourite method out of all the ones I'm going to show you guys just because the acetone doesn't last long with these but what you're going to do. 

If you decide to use these is grab a lint-free cotton pad or a cotton ball really just saturate it with your acetone and then you're just going to place the clip on top. 

One thing I do like about these they're just really easy to clip onto your nail but again because it's not realy sealed in it does dry out quickly so you might have to replace the cotton pad a few times. 

And that's just a downside to it but regardless it's going to get the job done this next way it's just like the classic go-to method and I really like this one because you probably already have the materials at home. 

So for this you're going to need aluminium foil and a cotton ball and what I like to do is kind of rid the cotton in half and then just kind of flatten and spread it out just so I can place it into the aluminium foil. 

And I'll just pour a god amount of acetone into that and then wrap my nail into the foil once my nail is wrapped up I willl squeeze the foil around my finger just to make sure it's tight. 

And secure I would say this my go-to method the foil really does a good job of keeping the cotton ball wet and also trapping the heat in which helps with the removal process the only downside. 

Is maybe I guess it guess it gets a little messy just because you have acetone kind of dripping down your fingers sometimes and sometimes they like to pop off when you're doing all 10 nails. 

But once you get them on they're great the next method is pretty much I just showed you guys but it's already done for you so it just makes the whole process easier and these are actually new for me I found them on amazon they're from the brand maccart. 


And basically it's a sheet of aluminium foil and then it has the little cotton pad already attached to it so all you have to do is add the acetone and the reason I like these so much is because the foil is actually thinker than normal foils. 

So I feel like it just works better it's already made it just makes your life easier so if you want to save sometime I would definitely recommend these I feel like these are going to be my new go-to. 

And it just I don't know I just like them so you have that option as well for the next method


Just little ziplock baggies I only had a gallon bag for this so I really struggled to film it but you're gonna grab that then put a paper towel and then pour some acetone into the Botton of it and then you're going to place that entire bag into a bowl of warm to hot water you don't want to burn yourself. 

But you do want it at a good temperature and then you're going to put your hand into the bag I hope that makes sense but basically this is going to be a really fast method because you're getting that direct contact with the acetone you're going to rub it against the paper towel to help kind of scrape off that product. 

And then you also have the heat from the water so it's a really good method and again these supplies you probably have right at home the next method is 


Off bowl I got this from amazon and I will have everything I'm mentioning linked down below in the description box for you Gus but with this method what you're going to do is take a cotton ball or a piece of a cotton ball and just place it at the bottom of the bowl and then fill it with acetone. 

And dip your finger into it se really simple to set up and this one came with two bowls so you would be soaking all of your fingers at once something I realy like about this method is you can check on your nails as you soak them. 

So as the product starts to soften up a bit you can kind of file it down or even start to scrape it off with your orange wood stick if you don't know what an orange wood stick is this is what I'm referring to it's just this little skinny stick they also go by birchwood sticks wooden sticks for nails things like that. 

And with all the methods this is what I use to scrape off the gel polish and sometimes there's not going to be much product left like right I just have a little bit of that base coat that easily slides off other times I will have to scrape off more of that product. 

But either way you want to make sure you're not forcing off the products so if you find that you're really struggling with the product just soak it for a little bit longer. 

But most of the time it's going to just flake off like this another thing some people do like to use the metal tools for this step I personally don't just because I never want to risk damaging my natural nails. 

So I like to stick to these but I mean the metal tools will work and they will work faster I just again try to avoid those once the gel is completely gone. 

I like to take a cotton ball and acetone and just run over my nails and then I also like to use a buying block and just give each nail a few swipes you don't want to over buff your nail but I like to just even it out a little bit. 

And then ill end with washing my hands and applying cuticle oil those are few ways you can remove gel polish and timing is really going to vary honestly it depends on how much you file in the beginning what method you're using how thick the gel is things like that but it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes I've really experienced all of that so just take your time with it. 

And try out a few methods to see which one you like. 

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