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How to game Share on xbox, New way.


How to game share on Xbox


What's up guys welcome back to the Chaltrends News place here. Guys a lot of you have been asking for an updated version on how to game share on xbox whether you got an xbox one or an xbox series x or a series  s so here it is guys. 

You got a buddy or a brother who's got all these games but you want his his wants yours well xbox actually you to game share it's not g illegal it's nothing off the deep end xbox allows you to game share with one person. 

And I'm going yto show you exactly how to do it some quick easy steps and before you know it you've got like 15 games you're about to have 100 games if your buddy buys a heck of a lot of games. 

So stay tuned and let's get in''' 

Alright guys so before we dive into this do me one solid favour smash that thumbs up that always helps out video get out to as many people as possible. 

All right so let's go ahead and get into this tutorial I know a lot of you guys have been asking for an update version so I do have the series X version of my xbox but you can do this on the xbox one and everything like that and technically you can do it on the xbox 360. 

I just haven't done it quite in a while on 360. We're talking about some time anyways we're going to go to settings right  there we're going to right bumper all the way over to profile and systems right there. 

So this this is my account if you go to add or switch so this what you're gonna do so, I game share with my brother and here's my one tip for you today. 

Game share with someone who you're really close to it either needs to be a relative or it needs to be a. like a really close friend you don't want to just give your account information to some random dude who's going to get in the comments section. 

And say hey let's game share because then they can steal all that you know sorry you did just my word of device. 

Now if you want to roll the dice roll the dice anyway so both of you are going to have to do the same steps on each other's account sowhat I would do is I would then sign in to the carver 84. 

All right let's say I sign into the car 84 once I'm signed into his account you're going to go to settings so you are in your body's account right now you're going to tab up to general you're going to go to personalisation. 

Once you go to personalisation you're going to scroll all the way down to my home XBOX click that. All right my boy chase t66 trying to get me invited we're trying to playtime cod we'll get there in just a second 

But anything you're gonna click make this my home XBOX this box is unchecked right now just because I didn't go over I didn't go to another account. 

I'm already sharing within so I didn't want to have to do that but anyways you are under your buddy's account you go to this. 

You click make this my home XBOX guys and that's all you got to do so when you go back always remember you get all the way back scroll back over to your profile and switch out of your buddy's account and sign back into your account. 

Now he's gotta do the exact same steps he's gotta go over to the tab he's gotta switch to your account he's then got to go to settings he's got to go to general personalisation and then make this my home XBOX. 

Once you have done it on your account you're gonna be straight guys it is going to work now here's the thing you do not want to constantly do this multiple times with people because I believe XBOX has it to where you can only change it five times. 

Once you change it more than five times you're screwed you're done it's done so you're not going to be able to do it again so I mean me and other account we've only done it one time and we're straight and then what you're gong to be able to do. Once you get in we're gonna go to my buddy right there. 

Let's go over to my games and apps all right and then you would might go to full library of all own games the thing you can kind of look this is really just mine you know I ain't got a whole lot of stuff. 

I don't buy a whole lot pretty well the top games is what I play I've got like 15 or so on games but another account. 

Now I mean he's got a lot look all of a sudden I've got 101 games once you do the steps ever all these games all your buddies games will be in so it will be in full library under all owned games once you get there all of a sudden your buddy's got you know I don't care what it is your brothers's got. 

BI call of duty black ops you would click that and then you would hit install all and then you got it os you've got all these games. Because you're game sharing with your buddy but so that's all. 

So that's all you got to do but you got to remember guys everybody's got to do the same steps so for you you got to be on your XBOX sign Ito his account and then make it make account your home XBOX then sign back out your buddy has to sign in to your account on his XBOX. 

And make it my home XBOX so what it kind of comes down to my accounts home XBOX is other  xbox at his place and then his accounts home xbox is my xbox. 

So that's how it works guys promise you it will do it for some reason you're having some  bug issues go ahead and put in the comment. 

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