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Minecraft bedrock x-ray glitch easy, for PS4, XBOX.


Minecraft bedrock glitch tutorials


And today guys check out this super easy x-ray glitch you can see there's a slime there we have a slime chunk mope bedrock easy x-ray for the win. 

Hey there guys skippy vroom skippy six gaming guys coming to you from this is a weird random world I don't know I did an update at some point in time I showcased an update I think maybe when fox's oh basically the update when item frames were on the ground whenever that was. 

This is when I use this world I'm gonna probably delete it soon I don't know really use it very much and there's some weird stuff going on over there guys we are doing an easy cool awesome x-ray glitch that's right guys. 

Most of the other ones are broken not working very good or yeah they're not they might not be the best at the member but this one works good. 

So guys for this one we're gonna do 534 likes if you're down with the cause hit me up below guys twitter always follows me on twitter and yeah you'll get notified of every single news update let's play and stuff and yeah we're gonna do this that and the other. 

Let's go in so guys in the olden days we used to have the craziest this literally came out of necessity in the olden days I used to just to go down in the ground I remember this one go down in the ground and then put flowstone above you and then throw an ender pearly in. 

And that's how you would do seed showcases and check out that sort of thing but now that doesn't work in addition there are tons of other ones that just dont work properly and are not necessarily doable because guys honestly I don't even know. 

Her's a perfect example I was like you know what Male I'll show this pig on the side guys are really gonna tr you're gonna train a pig you're gonna put a saddle on a pig you're gonna grab a carrot and a stick and you're gonna walk down are you stu come on. 

That's the silliest thing I ever heard of this is an easy x-ray glitch we're going to master right now it's super easy with very simple items and you can do it continuously as you match things up in your world. 

So let's go down to the the area that I've made for duplication not duplication x-a-ray in and yes so you can see we have tunnels tunnels this has nothing to do with carpet do not use carpet that was just a test I was testing so guys the easy way to do this duplication or x-ray glitch I keep saying duplication is with a boat so I'm gonna give a shout out I'm pretty sure generous. 

So guys I was literally using I was playing in I have a realm with my little nephews and they are I was them how to find the stronghold and we kind of followed the ender pearls and we went down and we couldn't find a stronghold. 

So I'm like you know hold on let's do this glitch and I found the stronghold with it it's a very good glitch to use for that and it all came from my discord I was like hey what the heck works and I'm pretty sure generous is the one that said and told me this I don't know if he knew for sure he was like try this out. 

This is what people have been using and it worked so good so the first things 

1. first guys you're gonna need a boat that's it just a number one,. 

2. Night vision. 

If you're ever doing x-rays glitches guys nigh vision is the best potion to use you don't really need invisibility in the olden days you could use invisibility when you were doing the one that involves charging your perspectives there is one where you change perspectives like this but this actually works super good. 

Because all you need is actually some planks and a shovel so literals you know what if you have like 10 pieces of wood in your inventory you're gonna make one of these so number one, number two like a perfect example is we're on creative right now. 

So it's a little easier the things is you won't take damage on survival however when you try to leave the boat on survival you will be partially in a block so make sure that if you're doing this on survival you have  pickaxe we're going to show you that after we'll do it on survival after. 

But first I'm just going to show you how easy it works so yes we're down near the bottom of the world and we want to kind of check around go ahead and just throw a boat. 

Once you see this boat it's very simple get in the boat and push into the wall you're gonna see you're gonna be able to push into one wall more than the other wall so once we're in this boat you can see we're already in the wall on the right partially. 

So let's just partially go into this wall you're gonna see and goes what there you go so your x-ray glitch works there's a fine area your could back up a little and bang. 

So if you do this and you re-aim it over and over again you can consistently look you can see right  we can see a slime that means that there's a slime chuck there that would be one of the things you are really looking out for in addition you could see any ores that were here you could see if there was diamonds. 

You could see if there was tons of other stuff spawners and strongholds so once we leave you're going to see bang we're going to be kind of in a block and you don't want to do that so number one this sucks for survival it doesn't suck that bad because I used it in survival. 

And I was just fine so let's do this just make sure you have your pickaxe with you just make sure you have your pickaxe with you a slash game so we're in survival now and we're going to do the exact same glitch keep in mind. 

When you leave the boat you're going to be in a block and you just want to make sure you don't suffocate and die right that's something you want to do. 

So let's go ahead and do the exact same thing we're going to put the boat out we're going to get in said vote and we're going to get ready to do this glitch. 

So you can see sometimes it's not your favorite let's do it on the other side today so your going to see that. 

This is the wall that it's going to allow us t do this time only one usually and bang you can see this side's way better so we can see on this side we got a lot of stuff we got some obsidian down there if we needed a few ores in the bottom. 

We got an underman creeping around we can see up to the surface so now when we get out first of all try to at least a little bit back into your tunnel but no mater what you do you're going to come out with your head in the things just make sure you have your pickaxe your hand. 

And jump out bust the thing and you're safe see what we did easy peasy lemon squeeze and there you go guys no pigs and carrots and no stupid pigs or carrots none of that stuff and you can see it works really good. 

I noticed in some directions it works better than others I mean like I said make sure you always use whatever angle it's going on but see like sometimes there's nothing really there. 

So right there's no like you know tunnels and stuff it's very minimal you can see there's a little to the right which is the tunnel we're using we're gonna come out we're gonna bust out and we're gonna do this it depends you have to make sure that there's tons of stuff in the direction you're going. 

I'm not sure what would happen if let's do one this way because I feel like you know what there might be there something said to be using this in certain directions let's go ahead and let's grab a map I just want to see again we're since we're testing. 

You know this is a fun thing let's do this slash locator map we don't need this guy because basically north and south seem to be the really best ways to do it in  my opinion because this is the way we just did it here so if it does it really strongly this way then north and south might be the best for you. 

So let's do this and let's go in here there might just not be anything because that's a totally doable thing so there's our boat from before I think maybe there's just not anything there so let's do this. 

Let's get out because you can see it over there right so either way guys this is super doable I'm telling you right now and sometimes that will happen but not on survival as much this doesn't happen in survival as much you can see and then the other thing you can sometimes es do is you can sometimes put it into. 

I don't know why it's doing that that's weird but you can sometimes put it into the opposite wall by pushing it with yourself but it worked. 

Literally real time it worked for me so that said I mean you can se that it's not gonna go into this other wall right there and so north south east west I'm not sure up you can see the other stuff. 

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