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How to cook perfect rice without pressure cooker, Two easy ways


How to cook perfect rice cooker


Rise is a staple across the globe yet a lot of people are not comfortable making the perfect rice. Todays let's see how to cook the perfect rice by using two methods the absorption method and the draining method let's begin. 

Before making rice it's always important to check the quality of rice here I am taking a cup full of Rice and you need to first begin

1. To pick this ensure that there is no particle of wood or husk or hull or anything of that matter. 

2. Is wash this well you need to wash this at least twice thrice over in clean room temperature water. 

If you allow this water to settle for just around 10 to 15 seconds you will realise that you will see a lot of things floating on the surface of the water let's drain this water in another bowl and similarly wash the grains of rice like I said at least three times. 

1. Is to remove the superficial dust and grain 

Is to ensure that the grain of rice kind of gets nice and clean after this stage you can actually choose two ways of doing you could either soak the rice for sometime somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes in cold water or you can directly begin the way I prefer the next step. 

2. Is to transfer this clean and washed rice in a deep container. 

Now comes the real trick about the formula for every cup of rice that you take you need to ensure that the water is twice the quantity of the rice. 

You need to begin with water at room temperature turn the flame on and now is the time to salt the water well this is an optional step know some homes we do not use salt while boiling rice but in our homes we follow a very simple method and that is giving this a quick stir. 

And tasting the water the water needs to taste like sea water one quick check well I think that's perfect allow this water to boil on high flame for a minimum of eight minutes and then we'll take it from there you need to stir the rice just once. 

And we had done that six minutes back if you come a little closer and see the water is bubbling and just kind of setting at the same time this is the time the flame needs tone constantly on high allow another two minutes trust me. 

Patience is the virtue for the most perfect rice after eight minutes when you see that the water has completely settled you need to cover this and lower the flame and continue cooking for further three minutes. 

In this method of cooking rice which is cooking rice by absorption method you will realise and notice that you will find a lot of condensation spots on the lid of the pan if you need to avoid this in case you are worried that the rice may get overcooked just use a kitchen towel. 

And then keep the lid what would happen is he kitchen towel will absorb al the moisture laknavi biryani or pulao is generally made that way it's been 11 minutes let's turn the flame off. 

And allow this to subside nice and we'll do not hasten up opening this otherwise you will end up releasing the steam that is mandatory in getting this rice nice and fluffy let's keep this aside and move on to the next method of making rice. 

2. That is rice by draining method for this I've already kept a cauldron of water to boil. 

Well there are various differences in the two methods that's absorption and draining the first and the most important difference is that the both start with different temperatures of water the absorption method of course starts with water at room temperature the draining method rise begins with water. 

Which is already on boil to this let's add in some salt which is of course to flavour the water and the rice  subsequently.

Another very important difference is the ratio and proportion of water to rice. If it was double the quantity its a least five times the quantity of rise so basically for every cup of rice you need to take at leats five times water apart form that the method of cleaning the rice and washing the rice remind the same. 

Let's transfer the washed rice into this cauldron of boiling water very carefully without scalding yourself allow the rice. Nowto boil on high flame for a minimum of eight to nine minutes but ensure that you stir it once twice over so that the rice grains do to clump to each other. 

Here's a trick for ones who prefer the rice nice and bright in color now for that you need to add in some acid so that it kind of gets bleached for that I'm using juice of a wedge of lemon. 

Another completely optional step in this case is addition of just a teaspoon of vegetable oil to ensure that the rice is nice and separate the rice is cooked and ready with this of course the flame and this needs to be drained immediately. 

This water that has been collected at the bottom of course you not need to throw that you can cool that down completely use that to knead a dough you can cool it down use it to water plants or you can also ferment. 

This and make a wonderful beverage with this your rice cooked by absorption method and draining are both right in front of you I hope I have done justice and training you making or cooking rice. 

Just like a pro so no more overcooked rice undercooked rice dry rice or sludgy rice. 

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