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How to easily read, scan QR codes with your android phone.


How to scan QR Code with your android phone


Hey guys  welcome to another blog post about tech. 

So guys it is possible to scan QR codes with your smartphone now this applies to any phone including Samsung galaxy Android phone iOS devices such as the iPhone 

1. You want to scan a QR code or just in case you do not know what the QR code is Shahrazad so this is what aQR code looks like you could actually scan this one of course this link will actually lead you to my website. 

And that website is blog tech tips calm alright so this is what a QR code looks like in case you get these on products of purchase special cards or on the internet or maybe you receive once a picture are wherever you can actually scan these codes and extract the information that's stored within. 

Now this special pattern actually adds information usually these are web links and what you can do instead of having a person write on a very long URL or a specific URL you can actually have them or give them QR code. 

Now the  computer or the android device can actually scan and decipher the information that's given here so I'll show you how to extract this information from anywhere you might receive a GR code for the first things that you'll need when you have a QR code such as that one is what we call a QR code scanner one of the best ones on the phone is one that's called the QR Barcode. 

QR Barcode scanner the Qr barcode scanner you can pick this up to  make sure you're connected to the internet once you're connected to the internet simply go into the google play store it should be also be able to find this in other place tours as well. 

And what you're gonna do is gonna search again search for QR and barcode reader and the search I want to search guys it's this one that says and it's a free version and it says its called a QR barcode scanner just go ahead and tap I've already installed mine. 

We can ask ahead and install once you installed isis go ahead and launch and of course it will come up just like this. 

Now if you have a QR or you can actually scan and it will automatically find what our CD web link that's given before I actually share that you can actually go into settings and customise what's up mean. 

So I'm going to set it and of course you could tell it to automatically open Webb links but you don't have to actually do that I recommend that you whip your actual the scan and then click on the link so for example I'll show you a quick you our core data stored. 

And the particular QR code I have is on my SmartWatch it's not actually on printer out could you print it out but virtually this is the cure put up and there's notice what happens as soon as I scan notice as soon as I please I just need to wake up the device. 

And once it's in the air you'll notice it'll scan and it's showing you that errors actually a link in the QR code and it gives it right there say Google Drive Li and shows you the exact part you could just click on it to open and it will go straight to the link depending on the scanner. 

It might resolve up if I set settings and it will go directly to the web link. 

All right so you do get the idea so that's how you actually open our QR codes additional you can actually use this scanner to actually do barcodes as well but which are slightly similar. 

So let's welcome the object it shows you how to actually use all read QR codes with your android phone if you gotta until next time. 

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