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How to renew your passport, Easy step, Renew your US Passport.


How to renew passport in US


You're here because you let your passport expire but you know what you're not alone over the last couple Years you haven't needed much use with your passport which use with your passport which it's probably been tucked away in a safe spot collecting dust. 

But now that the world is starting to open up and more and more countries are starting to ease up on their travel restrictions I'm sure you're starting two think about all the possibilities of where you can travel this summer abroad you're going to need to renew your passport. 

But I am not just talking to the people who let this passport expire in fact I'm also taking to you who has less than six months left on your passport before it expires so for all of you who let your passport expire and or have six months or less on the passport you are going to need to renew your passport before you book that trip abroad. 

Now I am mentioning the people that have six months or less left on their passport because unfortunately countries will not allow you into their country if you have less than six months left on your passport. 

So if you let your passport expire or have six months or less left before the expiration date then this Post is for you. 

Today I'm going to talk about thr five easy steps on how to renew your passport so that way you can enjoy your summer trip abroad but first things first what I first to talk about. 

1. Price To Renew your Passport. 

In 2022 the passport prices have increased by twenty dollars so if you are wanting to renew your passport for an adult passport it is now a hundred and thirty dollars to renew and then if you want it expedited it's an extra 60 to expedite your passport. 

So those are just things to consider this year if you are planning on renewing your passport just a plan that this is going to cost you 130 to renew. 

Now let's talk about how you need to renew your passport now are two ways that you can renew your passport either through the mail or in person now most of you are going to be able to renew your passport through the mail and that's because you can say yes These five question 

Can you renew your U.S passport by Mail? 

  • You have your passport in your possession to submit with your application
  • It's undamaged other than normal wear an tear
  • Was issued when you were age 16 or older
  • Was issued within the last 15 years 
  • Was issued In your current name or you can document your name change. 
These five five question, If at any point you cannot answer yes then that means that you're going to have to renew your passport by person. 

Now if you can renew it through the mail then we are going to move on to step one in the renewal process and the first thing that you are going to need to do when you need to renew your passport is.. 

1. Form DS-82. 

Now this is the form that you are going to fill out that gives all of your birdie where your country of origin is your social security number all of your important information and then you are going to check whether or not you are renewing your passport book your passport card or both on this form you are also able to request a passport with 52 pages at no additional cost. 

So if you're somebody who travel quite s bit and you need those extra pages this is the form that you're able to check that off and then once the form is completely filled out you are going to want to sign and date the form and then print the form single sided. 

Now this is important because if you print it double-sided it will not be accepted so make sure that you print the form single-sided. 

2. Documents for Legal Name Change. 

Change now if this does not apply to you then you can skip to step number three but if you are somebody who had a legal name change since you got your passport then this step is something that you are going to need To do. 

So for all of my individuals with a legal name change either through marriage or divorce then you're going to need to provide certified copies of all of your documentation with your legal name change submitted with all of your forms and application for your passport renewal. 

3. Passport Photo Requirements. 

For your passport photos this requirement for your passport renewal is a very important one so before in the past you would have to go to either a cvs or a Walgreens to get your photo taken. 

But that came with its complications because let's face it there was always something wrong with their camera or printing and they couldn't get it done nowadays they have made it very easy for you where you're able to take your photo at home but with that being said there are some strict requirements that you're going to have to follow in order for your photo to be accepted for your passport. 

So let's talk about some of those requirements first things first is your photo has to be in color with a clear image they do not want something that's fuzzy or out of focus so make sure that your photo that you take is sharp and crisp as well as in color. 

Now they do not allow selfies so do not bust out your cell phone and take a selfie either put it on a tripod or have someone take a photo for you the photo you have to be up against a white or an off-white background and then they want the photo from like here up you must be entered into the cabers looking forward. 

And then also they want you to have a very natural looking face so no like silly expressions to the side you have to be looking straight ahead and just with a natural expression and just with a natural expression that's that. 

Now I do hear that sometimes they will not accept a photo with you smiling if you look at the they give a lot of different examples on what passport photos are accepted and not accepted I will leave that link down below. 

So that way you can take a look a lot of the photos people are smiling but it's a very like faint smile it's not overly exaggerated also if you are somebody who wears glasses you are not allowed to have glasses in your passport photo. 

So you're gonna have to take those off no hats now if you do wear a head covering that is accepted now the size of the passport photo has to be a two inch by two inch so you can get that printed off either at a Walgreens or a cvs just make sure it's uploaded and then you can get it printed. 

And then you can pick it up from there now on the passport renewal form there is going to be a section where they want you to staple I'm going to use tis is how they want it you're not allowed to tape it needs to be stapled and they do give an example both on the website as well on the form they want your passport photo. 

And then stapled with four staples vertical on each corner so make sure you follow the form in the directions appropriately and to the because you do not want your renewal form to be rejected. 

4. Collect all Documents needed for Renewal 

To make sure that you have all of your information collected so your form is filled out all of your legal documentation for legal changes is together your passport photo has been taken and printed as well as stapled onto the form. 

And now for step number four you are going to have to get your old passport as well as your passport card if you have a passport card because that is going to be needed to send in with the form for your passport renewal. 

So step number four is just to get all of your documentation rounded up so then that way you can mail it we have now made it to the last and final step in the passport renewal process is that.. 

5. Mail Completed Application. 

To renew your passport now with that being said you cannot use just any single mail carrier out there for your renewal of your passport this one is very important you can only mail the documents through the United States postal service. 

So the usps this is the only service that you can mail your passport in for renewal so make sure you mail with the USPS now that you have mailed in your passport renewal  forms and application, 


It is now just time to sit and wait so processing times kind of vary depending on how many passports they are receiving I know during the pandemic the passport processing time was extremely long. 

It looks like it is back to normal so a normal processing time is anywhere from eight to eleven weeks and then if you spends the extra sixty dollars to get your passport renewal expedited it's anywhere from five to seven weeks now with that being said processing times does not start the second you mail it in the processing time Strats the second that your passport is received at the renewal centre. 

So just keep that in mind now if you are somebody who is anal and wants to check up on their processing they do have an option where on the website. 

They do have a section where you can kind of check up on your passport renewal they will also send  you an email on the process with an information to also check up on your processing time of your passport as well. 

So I hope that you guys found this extremely easy to renew your passport it's a very easy simple process it's just the weigh for the passport can be extremely long or seam long . 

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