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King Charles III

WHO IS King Charles III?.

He has been waiting for the longest time there has never been any doubt of price Charles's  desire to become king. 

But the sheer span of his mother's reign has left him becoming King Charles at relatively advanced years himself and Charles may cut a more controversial figure as head of state than queen Elizabeth ii did. 

Married first to Diana Spencer he began having an affair with Camila parker -bowsel before Diana's tragic death that in itself was a public relations problem Diana died so tragically in 1997. 

The challenge was how does he in invested comments rehabilitate Camila who was his Mistress and the answer to that was years of painstaking work emphasising her good qualities the fact that she had he had so much in common they could laugh together they were similar ages had similar friends of him and the prince aware princess the weather of course was not the case. 

Charles's seeming detachment a perceived aloofness have frequently let to accusations that he is out of touch with his subjects and that will matter far more once he takes the throne creating sustainable food systems. 

But there are other concerns too for many years he has been writing private letters to government ministers urging their interest in political issue close to his heart these range from medicines homeopathy which is favourite to fish stocks to the power of corporations over farmers convention states that members of the royal family are forbidden to express political opinions. 

When reporters have tried to ask his aides have literally blocked them unconstitutionally by writing letters like that so as king will he be able to keep his opinions to himself by tradition the prime minister visits the monarch every week to tell her or him what's going on in government. 

It's only supposed to be an exercise in explaining policy and no more a key question surrounding Charles's reign is whether he will reserve the right to tell the prime minister exactly what he thinks about decisions being taken by elected politicians what happens being closed doors. 

We don't know the needs of the conversations we don't know even know the Arena for that conversation, so maybe that has to be opened up so we can say oh that is a good thing that's a healthy thing or maybe there's areas which shouldn't be happening from the sound of it he has been advised to keep quite he knows very well what is expected of him as king. 

He has strong views on things in national life that's true but I think he's also got a very strong awareness from an early age from the queen and from his own training and his own judgement that as a constitutional monarchy. 

You have to be a little bit more circumstrict and I'm sure that he will be as the former duke of Cornwall Charles will also leave behind an enormous business empire in the southwest of England 

It's worth more than a billion dollars and has been accused of helping drive local traders out of business and that perhaps is a particular concern for supporters of the monarchy  which as of now is a large majority in the Uk the question is whether he can maintain that popularity queen Elizabeth kept her support during many years when the behaviour of her family raised many eyebrows the color of the regiment. 

And the duchess of Cambridge and it's unarguable that in terms of he brand of the house of Windsor Charles's son William and his wife Catherine are seen as more exciting proposition more glamorous than a man who seems often to prefer his own company to that of others. 

Charles has no doubt had many years to dwell on these things his choices will help determine whether support for the monarchy continues as it is now Charle prince of Wales Sony galley Al Jazeera. 


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