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How to get unlimited Money in Apex Legends Mobile hack, Simple steps.


Unlimited cash in Apex Legends Mobile


What is going on guys today I'm gonna be teaching you guys how to get unlimited syndicate gold in apex legends. 

Guys if you've been playing apex legends like me even if you. guys have been playing on apex legends mobile on like you'r phones or anything like that. 

Like I have you are probably of the mindset that's like man I am running out of syndicate gold and you're not trying to buy more syndicate gold I get it guys no worries, I've been there I actually found an app right there apex mobile plus plus that allows me to get unlimited of twitch mod menu. 

That they have it's super super easy to use it's super fun I've had a lot of fun with it recently just experimenting with all the syndicate gold and all this kind of stuff and I'm confident that you guys will as well. 

I'm super happy excited too, to show this with you guys you guys know I'm always about plugging you guys into some cool stuff it just popped on the wee tweak store, 

So it's super easy to get to get I'm gonna show you how it works how you can get it and all that stuff right now let's jump right into it. 

So as you can see right there I got the apex legends mobile plus app on my phone, I'm gonna go ahead and open this up and show you this mod menu. 

So as you can see all of my coins are completely free guys literally completely for free I just have to open up this mod menu and I just have to open up this mod menu and I just got to turn on the free coins mod which I had actually already turned on before the video started. 

But I mean I have unlimited free coins I can do whatever I want with but I'm sure you guys are actually curious as to how you get this. 

So let me show you right now the two apps that you guys are gonna need here, Guys are gonna be the settings app and this Safari app, so let's go ahead and open up it doesn't need to be any interesting like it could just be normal safari it can just be any internet browser you want it to be. 

And also with settings guys it's just any settings app it doesn't necessarily need to be like your settings app it doesn't need to look like this just any settings app at all works all the exact same guys. 

So now worries on that let's go ahead and open up our settings though so we can go ahead and make sure that a couple of things look good correct look right. 

Before we go ahead and hop into this download and that first thing guys is that 

1. Our low power mode needs to be turned off

If our low power mode needs to be turned on essential what it's going to do guys is going to slow down our phone and if it's slowing down our phone is going to slow down our phone to a point where it will no longer be able to download this apex legends mobile hack. 

And we're no longer going to be able to have this hacked mods or these hacked things anymore and since we can't have them it's just not ever going to work you know. 

And if it's not going to work what's the point of even downloading this guy so we're just going to go ahead and move on from that and we're going to go ahead and go to the general section in in the general section guys we should see something called background app refresh. 

Let's go ahead and click on that and on this background app refresh guys I'm sure you can see that there is a couple of a couple of apps that need to be turned on because my background app refresh is turned on. 

Now there is no apps to turn on anymore because my background app refresh is turned off if this is what your phone looks like no worries just click on that and go ahead and click on either wi-fi or go ahead and click on wi-fi or cellular data both of them are the exact same they both good I'm going to go ahead and select wi-fi and cellular data. 

Because that's what's easiest for me and now that that's done guys we should be good to go ahead and open up our store, the tweak store as I was talking about earlier guys we tweak dot co w e t w e a k  dot co it the name of this website guys I'm sure you've already heard of it it's like that hacked App Store essentially. 

And do is find the apex legends mobile plus, plus download rand we're gonna go ahead and hit this install button. 

So guys this install should probably take anywhere from 40 to 60 seconds as the game is rather large and if you do have your plugged in it should go a little quicker and if you have low power mode on it will slow down probably to the point of not even working that's why I told you guys not to do that. 

But I'm sure that there's a couple of you who decided to go ahead and do it anyways or just skipped to this part. 

But guys go ahead and turn that off if you did and we should be waiting now and good to go with our download of this configuration  profile which should pop up with a little notification. 

Asking us if we do want to download this configuration profile and we're going to go ahead and hit allow great that profile has been downloaded. 

Let's go guys we're going to close out of that and we're going to go ahead and jump into the next thing in our settings app 

2. Navigate to General 

And now that we're in general guys we're going to go ahead and go to VPN in device management where we find apex legends mobile plus let's go ahead and hit that install button right there, up in the top right corner and type in your phone's regular unlock password  just the regular password you use to unlock your phone in any given day, 

Just the normal regular password great guys awesome let's go ahead and hit next again up in the top right and then hit install. 

Now that that's installed guys let's go ahead and hit install one more time and boom we should be done and we're ready to go. 

If I'm not mistaken and I really am apex legends mobile plus plus is downloaded and ready to go on your phone.      

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