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How to get unlimited money and Energy in Score hero Download, It is Simple,


How to get unlimited money and energy in score hero


Hello guys today I will show you how to download score hero to unlimited money unlimited energy so let's get started. 

Open the link SCORE HERo,

1. Download the Application. 

After downloading the application install it I have already downloaded it, I have already downloaded the game so I will cancel it and install the application. Can I be your superhero 

2. Go to settings and change the graphics settings as done in the video, guys please do watch full video for unlimited money and energy. 

Set frame rates at 30 FPS quality at medium or low and troubleshooting at force GL3.

If you will not do settings properly then the game may crash, the trick is this when you will spend money the spent amount of money gets added to your wallet, 

Watch properly every time when I refill the energy with 100 bucks it gets added to the wallet. Life gonna come 

See another example of unlimited money when I do a recap of 10 bucks it gets added in my wallet  

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