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Snapchat vs Snapchat Plus, Free Snapchat vs 3.99 dollars per month subscription Snapchat Premium or Plus.


Snapchat vs Snapchat Premium


Well everyone it is time for us to take a look at the differences between snapchat plus and standard snapchat and see if it's worth even upgrading. 

Now first of all the main thing is if you don't even use snapchat that much then there probably isn't a point of actually upgrading at all. 

I personally do think snapchat the standard version is still very good but there are some very interesting things that the snapchat team has inputted into the snapchat plus update and then snapchat which is actually very interesting.

So most of us know snapchat in my opinion it's a great application there's a lot of different things you can do if you want to text people call people video call group chats all sorts of things it's a great application. 

But there are a few things snapchat plus actually ended up bringing that are very interesting now if you make your way into their news page they don't really exclusively say any features that are being added. 

  • Introducing Snapchat Plus

They go ahead and say introducing snapchat plus this came out about two or three days ago they mentioned a little bit about the user base and all this other stuff. 

But they mentioned that it is 3.99 a month so the main thing to remember is standard snapchat is free snapchat plus is 3.99 a month is that you you know a good thing is it worth it in your opinion. 

Well that totally depends and snapchat doesn't even go on to say really any features they just say there's going to be some exclusive features and experimental features that are not on standard snapchat or you know maybe features you'll get on snapchat plus first before they get ported over to standard snapchat. 

  • Standard Snapchat is Free and Snapchat Plus is 3.99 a Month. 

Now that is a big thing I want to state because a lot of features that may end up getting ported over to standard snapchat over time so I do think if you're somebody who uses snapchat and you don't want to go and spend 3.99 a month there's a chance that snapchat plus features may end up coming down that brings us into this other article that I read from tech crush. Now this article is very interesting so they go into a little bit more detail of what's going to be happening with this updates first of all..

  • Snapchat Officially Introduces its Paid Subscription at $3.99 Per Month
They going to say that earlier this month you know the snapchat plus whatever but then they mention a little bit of what snapchat plus could be bringing which is very interesting so right there they say apart from custom app icons so if you want to go ahead and set snapchat a custom app icon. 

Well you're going to have the ability of essentially doing that without having to go ahead and use a different you know shortcuts or anything like that so you can change the app icon which is very interesting they go on to state you'll be able to re-watch stories 

But also which you can do in regular snapchat but you can see how many times a person has re-watched your story so if you're somebody who wants to go ahead and see you know. 

If somebody's re-watching your story multiple times well you're going to be able to do that within snapchat plus, which is very interesting on top of that they go on to say certain people will unlock a certain badge or a special badge. 

If you have snapchat plus you will have the ability to pin a friend as your number one friend which is unlike regular snapchat If you go ahead and you know snapchat people here whatever you'll basically be able to go ahead and see their number one friend. 

If you are their number one friend so that in and of itself is also very interesting now on top of that they go on to say a few more other things you know the general direction of a travel with your when you're friends and those are some of the main features right there.

I think probably one of the main features snapchat plus may also end up bringing. Is probably something along the lines of I don't know if screenshooting the story is the correct term. 

But something along those lines I feel like they're going to end up having something where you can go ahead and maybe view people's snapchat always anonymously or something like that also I feel like you know snapchat recovery maybe you can go ahead and recover more stuff within your snapchat account. 

Something along the lines of like that too I'm not 100 too sure but I do think when it comes down to it snapchat plus is pretty decent if you're somebody who already uses snapchat a lot but genuinely for I think for average person. 

But genuinely I think for the average person out there probably even not even the average person 99 of people use snapchat. I think you're going to be totally. 

With standard snapchat I also do feel like in the future there's a very high chance that snapchat may end up you know giving themselves out too short early on maybe they don't bring any cool features early on then less and less people do it and I feel like they're going to bring some more really cool features later on. 

But I feel like by that point maybe Instagram or ticktock may end up bringing some of those cool features too I guess we'll what happens in the future personally I don't think snapchat plus is probably worth it for everyone out there again if you use snapchat a lot and some of the features I mentioned are great then go for it. 

But I don't really think even the average person should buy it and I don't even think people are going to maintain snapchat plus, for that long in my opinion they may use it for a little bit and then probably turn it off. 

After a little bit so that kind of covers it up, If you have any question please let me know in the comment section below. 

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