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Snapchat streaks explained, How to get snapchat streaks and keep it, Helpful Snapchat streaks tips.


Snapchat streaks well explained


Want to get a snapchat streak with one of your friends and keep it going or have you lost a snapchat streak and want to get it back we're here to help I'm Chaltrends. 

And in this Post I'll be explaining everything you need to know about snapchat streaks including how to get one how to keep it going how to get a streak back if you lose it and how to hack your snap straight number.

Now let's get started 

first of all what is exactly is a snapchat streak?

Mean you and one of your friend snap each other a picture or video within a 24 hour period for at least three consecutive days. 

Once you start a streak a flame with the number will appear next to the name of the friend you have a streak with the number beside the flame tracks the number of days. 

How do we keep it going? 

  • By sending each other a picture or video snap every day. 
  • Text chats don't count towards your streak 

You've kept the streak going to keep it going you and your friend will both need to send each other a picture or video snap every day text chats don't count towards your streak if you see an hourglass next to your friend's name that means your streak is about to expire make sure you send them a snap soon to keep your streak if you know you and your friend both snapped each  other within the 24 - hour window.

  • If Your Streak Disappears, Report It To Snapchat To Get It Back.

But your snap streak has disappeared you can report the issue to snapchat to get it back to do this yo'll need to fill out a contact form on the snapchat website. 

Open your device's browser and go to support snapchat calm then  tap contact us select my snap streaks disappeared scroll down and tap Yes. 

Now enter your snapchat username your email address the phone number associated with your account and the device you use for snapchat now type in the username of the friend you lost your streak with when the streak disappeared.

And the length of your snap streak in the drop down menu for whether you saw the hourglass icon or not select no in the box that sms what information should;d we know write something about how you and your friend always snap each other every day. 

Mention that you did not see the hourglass icon and that you open snapchat and realised your streak was gone when your done hit send at the bottom of the page since tons of people have same problem and fill up this contact form everyday. 

  • You may have to wait a few days to hear from snapchat.

To get back to you through Email and put your streak back in place, if you're feeling sneaky you can also 

  • Use The Same Contact Form To Hack Your Snap Streak Number
Fill out the form the same way but this time in the box that asks how long your snapchat streak was put the number you want your streak to be the key to doing this is to write a convincing message in the last text box that asks you to describe your problem say that your snapchat streak disappeared. 

And that you want to get it back when you're done submit the form by tapping send at the bottom, one snapchat support has processed your claim you'll receive an email message from them. 

And you your snap street number will be increased to the number you indicated in the contact form, that's everything you need to know. 

  • Get and Keep a Snapchat Streak
  • Get your lost streak back
  • Hack your streak number 
Happy Snapping. 

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