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How to change TikTok region/ Location in Android and iPhone, Step by step


How to change TikTok location


Hey guys, in this Post I'm gonna show you how to change your ticktock region. So if you've updated ticktock recently you'll notice that you can no longer see the ability to change your region they basically took that away in the latest version. 

So if I tap on the little me icon on the bottom right there and then tap on the three dots on the top right and then go to manage my account. 

This is where it used to be useless show you no region slash country and then you can change it to whatever you want. 

So if you're in the United States you can, you know basically see it and change the algorithm as if you were in Spain so you'd see a lot more videos from people in Spain and basically you can know change whatever region you're in basically they took away that ability. 

But there's quick way that you can get around it one of the things that I would recommend doing is opening up App Store, here, 

TikTok VPN.

And I've just typed in VPN and downloaded and installed the lid you know the top VPN option so it doesn't really matter which we EPN you install there all but pretty much the same.

But what a VPN does is it routes your internet connection through a server in another country basically tricking you know to various apps to think that you're in a different country.

So I'll open up that VPN and you can see at the very top it says fastest location I can tap on that and you can see I can choose you know different locations that I want in the United States. 

I can choose it say in England so I can tap, you know connect and then just have to allow this  real quick you can tap out of that and then basically now you're connected to a VPN in another country.

In this case the UK I can go over to ticktock and go you know back to normal and basically what it'll do is it'll trick ticktock into thinking I'm in the UK so if you scroll through the lid it'll show you a lot more videos from people in the UK. 

So that's really your only option right now because they took away that you know option within ticktock but using this kind of trick ticktock into thinking you're in the UK and it'll show you a lot more videos in the UK or whatever country you choose for the VPN. 

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