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How to change Password on Snapchat, How to reset Snapchat password, Step by step, It is easy.

Change Snapchat Password

 How To Change Password On Snapchat!

You might be in a position where you need to change the password of your snapchat account. 

Now this process is extremely easy it doesn't require too many things now you will need to be and determine whether you're in the position where your snapchat you are logged into or whether you're not logged into your snapchat account. 

So an example where you're not logged into your snapchat account, what you want to do is you want to go ahead and determine whether you need to sign up for an account or log in otherwise you need to change your account password. 

So you want to click login now at this point you want to type in the snapchat username the number or even the email mostly it's the username or email, 

But I've even seen phone numbers working there sometimes you need to type in your username or your email associated with that account and once you have that figured out you want to go and click forgot password. 

And they will go ahead and send you an email stating exactly you want know how to redeem your password how to get your password back to that specific account email. 

So you will need to have access to that email. Now if you only  have the username that you remembered you're going to have to figure out that specific email associated with that username. 

So that's a pretty big thing obviously for majority of people that's not going to be that big of a deal but that is pretty much how you would get your password back. 

If you're not even logged in if you're not logged into the account at all you need to go and click forgot password right there. 

Now let's say you're already logged into snapchat and you already you, you just want to change the password here you know you don't want to go, and you know do anything else you just need to change the password. 

All you would need to do in this case is tap the little circular icon right there you'll come into this page and what you want to do is you want to tap on the settings icon right there. 

And you'll come into this page now this page will show you a bunch of different information. What you want to do is find the specific info where it says password so you want to go and click password. 

And you can go ahead and type in your password and you can pretty much go from there you have to type in your old password and then you can go and change it to a new password if you want to. 

However if you don't remember your password this is a really good situation associated with it. And you as you can see the email is right there so you can go and just memorise this email, log into that email and just go back to your password section. 

And click forgot password if you actually forgot the password and they will basically send a link to your new email that you have associated. 

And you can just go and go into your email and just change the password that way so that is exactly how you go and change your password on snapchat. 

If guys you have any questions or anything let me know in the comment section. 

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