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Real Football Cheats for unlimited free cash and money.


How to get unlimited cash in Real Football


What's up guys in this Post im going to show you have I got free resources in my favourite game. you can see that I don't have much resources right now but that will change in minutes. 

1. You have to type this link into your mobile browser.( 

  • Connect Your Account

Like I am doing at the moment it's going to take us to this page there you have to type your username for the game if you're not sure what your username is just type your gmail or iCloud mail address. 

Now you have to choose the platform that you're playing on I'm going to select android since I'm playing on android then tap on connect. 

  • Choose the Amount of Resources

Now that my account is connected I have to choose the amount of resources that I want and tap on generate. 

2. Human Verification Required(Page)

Well it seems like I have to verify that I'm human, that I'm not there to abuse the tool this is actually easy the whole process will take just three to five minutes, and the best thing is that it's absolutely free so let's do it. 

To verify yourself you have to download two apps and follow the instructions given in the app description first choose 

  • Lord's mobile 
The description says that we just have to download and run it for 30 seconds, let's download it. 

  • Open the game
Let's play it for at leats a minute to be on the safe side,

Now let's complete the second app offer it says that we have to install the hotspot shield app click connect after running it.

Let's download it open the app, close the offer give it the needed access and then tap on connect. We should done now let's open our game and check the resources as you can see that it really worked the amount of resources that I selected are being added to my game awesome. 

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