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How to get Unlimited Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers Hacks and Mods.


How to get unlimited Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers


Hello! its ChalTrends here,  how's it going and as you guys can probably see from this Post title and on the screen right there what am going to be showing you. 

Today is basically a subway surfers hack and a subway surfers mod that's going to get you unlimited amount of keys and coins in subway surfers. 

So guys can see right now I'll go pressing the plus sign coins cost a lot to buy and soda keys it costs a lot of real life money. 

But I'm sure you can see on the screen right now I have 16 million keys and 16 million coins and 16 million coins and 16 million hover boards. 

Now I'm going to show you guys how to get this there today all you're going to need to do is make sure you have an iPhone android iPad whatever as long as you've got a device that has can has a mobile device or an iPad or even emulators will work for this.

1. Install Subway Surfers 

And we're going to install this over the subway surface game and you guys are going to get this so if we go over to the shop let's go to the shop and let's go to boost as you guys can see you can keep buying more boost I've got obviously eliminated them. 

You can also go to upgrades and stuff and upgrade all your stuff through there as well so there's obviously so much things you can do for this, so let's go to upgrades as you guys can see and you can just upgrade everything completely to the end. 

So everything and look at me coins my coins is pretty much maxed out with this hacking mod that gives you unlimited everything so let me just show this actually does no I won't show it. 

Let's get into tutorial basically how we do it so um what I want you guys to do we're going to exit out of subway surfers, and I'm just going to the App Store and just show you guys that actually what you have to do, is go ahead and make sure you have kind of the latest update of subway surfers. 

So type in subway surfers if my Apple will work if it doesn't load doesn't matter but yeah make sure you guys have on the latest update of subway surfers from the App Store or google play store. 

2. Visit Website called TWEAK (

Is basically where we're going to install this mod and they're going to do is just type in well if you've got a brand you can see that you see subway surfers mod unlimited coins boosts and keys as well so don't worry about the image go ahead and click on it. 

And you're going to see apps required just go ahead and press start install and what that's going to do guys is begin to actually install the subway surface mode to your device as you guys can see just installing right there. 

I want to show you guys I put on the screen right there as well so you guys can see that but this is it right there, so it's going to go ahead download and install this right now, we wait for this to finish and that's going to get us those unlimited keys and coins. 

So as you can see there we're coming to an end of the download and it's going to say loading apps so this is a normal thing and basically to install the subway surfers mod to our device it's bundled through some other applications.

So you're gonna get a list like this and say the subway surfers Morden store so go ahead and you're gonna need two so I'm gonna show you right now what to do you're gonna get two of them they're completely free and cost you anything and it bundles the mod with the App Store to your game. 

So this is going to be the same for android as well as as IOS and this just saves you having to jailbreak or having to use your computer or anything like that 

If you're kind of in that area you'll get what I mean um so you guys can see we just get two of these and this will install the mod to your device. 

So we go ahead and download that and of course guys these are completely free so they don't cost you anything so don't worry about that. 

And what we now should have is basically we have cyber ghost installing it's done, two applications there that we can go ahead and go and use the calendar it's always for free of course. 

This one wants us to go and use so you can go use this one super easy but once you guys have done those that should be the mod installed right now. 

So if you go back into subway surfers you're going to load into the game and basically you're going to have everything there, unlocked and if you go to the shop obviously you're going to have the unlimited amount of coins, 

And keys so you can buy all the booths everything  and you can get the upgrades still so we get upgrades we get everything still so we get upgrades we get everything awfully works. 

And of course we've got those unlimited keys coins  and board. 

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