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Most expensive cars to maintain, Supercars that has a lot of cost in maintenance.


Most expensive car to maintain


Foreign can cost sixty thousand dollars insurance alone can set you back three thousand five hundred dollars a month owning a supercar is expensive maybe you get into an accident maybe you're just a crazy ass person even if you drive around like a granny a pair your wallet. 

Everybody always talks about general price tags with supercars and Hyper cars but nobody ever talks about the dark side maintaining them everything from insurance to servicing to repairs it's not as simple as just saving up for your dream car you better buckle up Because the hidden costs are coming anyways.

So today we're doing a rough list of the top five most expensive cars to maintain more or less you known'm not like a Pagani mechanic or a Bugatti specialist I do my best to be honest to find information this stuff is incredibly there's not a single list out there that talks about this online nothing I mean some people they talk about BMWs they talk about Mercedes. 

But I want to get into the juicy stuff you know I want to get into like the Exotic hyper cars the pagans all that stuff do I straight up called some billionaires and supercar owners choked some online experiences.

And some investigating and to be honest the numbers are pretty surprising also a quick side note I don't want to include like older cars I want to stick to newer cars because we were in Germany filming a 300 million dollar Mercedes. 

And of course if something happened to that then that would probably top the list so we're sticking to newer cars by the way before we get in fun fact Mr Bean is the world record holder for the most expensive repair of all time at 1.4 million dollars on his McLaren F1. 

And of course by Mr. Bean I mean Rowan Atkinson the actor not actually like Mr Bean on hashes little min all right so let's start off with number five. 

5.  Ferrari La Ferrari. 

This is a bit of a surprising one I'll explain why in just a second but let's just start off with insurance insurance alone will be about two thousand dollars a month that's about twenty four thousand dollars a year just insure your car to replace your tires it'll be 500 each for the tires. 

In the front and 900 each for the tires in the back so that's one thousand dollars in the front 1 800 in the back if you include labor costs on top of that that's about 3 000 and 200 just to swap your tires. 

And you got to do that every couple of years speaking of Wheels if you guys want to change your brake get a little bit of a brake job that's gonna be forty thousand dollars and again. 

It's one thing if you just have this car to look at it at home but a lot of people are gonna be driving it around pushing it a little bit maybe even putting it in a track so the brakes and the tires are going to be the first things to go. 

So if you do own a La Ferrari and you're planning on pushing it you can expect to pay about forty five thousand dollars a year just on the wheels alone. 

Now believe it or not there are a bunch of other cars that are way more expensive to repair and maintain there's one thing that sets Ferrari apart and that's that even if you have the money ready to buy a LaFerrari it's not that easy Ferrari won't just take your money in fact you have to own a minimum of five. 

Other Ferrari just to even apply to potentially buy the LaFerrari which is freaking crazy if you about it how much a Ferrari costs more or less they're pretty much asking you to have spent an extra one million dollars before even applying to get a La Ferrari. 

Anyways nowadays you can skip all of that and just buy it directly from the second hand Market but it's gonna cost you a lot more money than the original so good luck. 

4. The Pagani Kodalunga. 

All right so we're going to talk about the Pagani kodalunga but to be honest even the Pagani Huayra is much more expensive to maintain than the LaFerrari but I just couldn't have you know two pagans in the same top five list I wanted to kind of spread it out  a little bit right. 

I actually got to drive a pagans Huayra Road in the UK that had a 250 000 paint job imagine scratching that on the same day I also got to drive another Captain America themed wire I had Fifty thousand dollar rims I mean imagine creeping up to a McDonald's drive - through in one of these paganis with those tall as curbs that they have I panic even driving my SUV through those drive-throughs. 

But again right now we've been talking about the Pagani Huayra the kodalunga just came out and that's a much more expensive car the Pagani wire is about 2.5 million dollars the Kodalunga is around 7.4 million dollars. 

So imagine how much more expensive everything is because it's a newer car we don't have that kind of access to the information yet it will come out later but pretty wild every single bolt that you see on the car cost 80 dollars every single tiny little bolt eight dollars and you guys know how many bolts are on the car 1400. 

And for all you mathematicians out there that's 112 thousand dollars worth of bolts on one car which is wild you can literals buy a used Ferrari for that much anyways Pagan usually charges around eight thousand dollars for an annual check-up. 

And oil change and if you dink the front or the back the rear view camera is 6 1 600 and the sensors around it are two thousand dollars so because the car is so new there's very little information what every single little repair and maintenance would cost. 

But we do know that five codolumas will ever be made and the more rare a car is the more expensive it's going to be to maintain and repair because if you break one piece I mean good luck  finding that but then again if you want a Pagani why not even feel it six thousand six hundred dollars for a rear view camera sure why not what's that . 

3. New Konigsegg CC 850. 

This is the newest Koenigsegg limited to 50 units and again so soon that there's no real information out there for peasants like myself but we do know something but to be honest all cutting sex fall into the same category because they're so rare the Jesco is limited to 125 units the ccxd trevita is limited to two units and the one is limited to one unit again the more rare a car is the more expensive. 

It's going to be to maintain and Koenigseggs are rare as hell speaking of the Tesco the option to have the naked carbon fibre body look costs an extra 443 thousand dollars that's more Han a Rolls Royce just for a look can you imagine if you're like stuck in traffic and it starts hailing it just hail starts falling on your 443 000 body look moving on. 

If you want to get the carbon wheels with the Michelin cup to our tires that'll be an extra one hundred and ten thousand seven hundred dollars. 

Obviously these have to be replaced every couple of years especially if you're taking it to the track don't get me wrong you can dumb it down and get much cheaper tires there's tires out there for like five thousand dollars maybe two thousand dollars. 

But if you're a rich ass person you want the best of the best 110 700 lastly annual service just a very basic service will be about eight thousand to ten thousand dollars. 

2. Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Chiron and Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, 

Yes the costs are a little bit different but the costs are shocking So Bugatti in general recommends an oil change once a year and for a Bugatti Veyron it costs 25 000 for an oil and fluid change that's because it has 16 different drain plugs compared to just one in a normal car 10 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. 

They literally need to fly out a Bugatti technician over to you to show your mechanic how to do it and they need to remove the rear wheels and the brakes and some extra lining underneath the car just to access the drain plugs. 

Moving on on a Bugatti Chiron if your windshield cracks sixty thousand dollars the thing is that these cars they can drive like 400 500 kilometres an hour so at that speed it is a little Pebble on the road breaks your windshield. 

Yeah that's gonna be sixty thousand dollars just to repair the wheels on the tires themselves are also Bonkers I drove the Bugatti super sport on a track and the tires I was using cost fifteen thousand dollars I mean they're literally meant to handle 500 kilometres an hour right yes. 

You can find tires for like less for maybe eight thousand or two thousand dollars but you can also go way higher I mean there's tires that you can put on the Bugatti for forty thousand dollars don't forget the reason for this is basically because they built a machine that they want you to drive in Optimum conditions. 

If you're crazy enough to want to drive your car at 400 kilometres an hour everything better be perfect speaking of the wheels the Bugatti Chiron also has Massive brakes and for the entire set it'll cost 188 thousand dollars to replace that includes all four discs the pads. 

And the callipers so you're also meant to replace the turbochargers on your Sheeran every four years for twenty six thousand dollars every five years Bugatti also recommend ends you to replace the entire fuel tank that's forty four thousand dollars and again because you literally have a specialist dying out from France to help repair this the labor costs are through the roof. 

For example the camshaft adjusters might be 800 a piece but to fix them will be twenty one thousand dollars worth of labor and last just to sprinkle it on top insurance for the sheer an costs about three thousand five hundred dollars. 

Which is forty two thousand dollars a year so just adding some of this up every four years just to maintain your Bugatti Chiron will cost you about five hundred thousand dollars you're spending about half a million dollars just keeping your shorn in optimal shape. 

Which is wild all right lastly here it is.. most expensive new car to keep in your garage is 

1. Mercedes AMG 

Project one according to an instagram  user Mercedes AMG stated in a sales contract that the one in addition to regular service requires an additional service every 5 000 Miles when checking critical components of the Driveline. 

So you have a regular service and an extra service every 5 000 miles some people drive that much in like a couple of months I don't think you're going to daily drive your project one but it's still pretty crazy. 

And this car is so new that there really is not that much information out there expect for one thing that was confirmed by AMG and that's at a check-up can cost up to eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars again this was confirmed by AMG. 

And when spoke to some of these billionaires and  Supercar collectors they were saying the something to be honest the AMG project one will probably be the most expensive car to maintain in the world whoever gets their hands on one. 

We'll probably keep it in their garage just to look at, I think very few people are going to be pushing this thing down the street I don't know I might be wrong though. 

Anyways that's the top 5 , 

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