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Most expensive liquor in the world, expensive alcohol drink in the world.


Most expensive alcohol drink


Around 10 000 bc people found out how much fun it was to drink alcohol over the millennia centuries and decades they got better at making alcoholic drinks until they had more refined Tate themselves. 

They also came up with different ways to make them so they could have different tastes colours smell amounts of alcohol etc of course the technique time process etc makes them more expensive sometimes the price of a drink goes up because  of the brand name. 

This Post will provide you with information about expensive alcohol drinks in the world. Let's get started; 

1. Billionaire Vodka Dash 3.7 million dollars, 

It ought to have been pretty clear that a corporation with the world billionaire in its name would get the position but for some reason it wasn't in point of fact it is exactly what billionaire vodka was able to accomplish the alcoholic beverage is produced by billionaire vodka entirely by hand. 

And entirely on demand with a motto to ensure that only a limited number of bottles are produced the Russian recipe that is used to make each one is kept strictly confidential. 

Leon vare is responsible for the creation of the gigantic container that holds five litres and is adorned with more than three thousand diamonds and Swarovski crystals. 

Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive alcoholic beverage that can be purchased anywhere in the world. 

2. Tequila Lay 0.925-3.5 Million dollars. 

Although it is now in second place on our list we haven't actually gone ahead and bought this bottle of tequila just yet, they say that the 6400 different diamonds that are on the bottle help to increase the floor of the tequila which is why the cost of purchasing it is so high. 

However it has not yet been purchased by anyone which means that it is possible that it will be sold for a much lower price in the future all we can do is wait and see. 

However as of right moment it continues to hold the position of the second most costly alcoholic drink in the entire globe. 

3. Hern IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne $2million. 

This historical whiskey has a staggering price tag of two million dollars and it is our first entry into the top three the actual bottle of cognac has been coated in 24 karat gold is encased in platinum and is embellished with diamonds. 

The cognac itself has been matured for a whole century it appears to be something that would have been presented to a king of the Middle Ages after a fight either as a sign of surrender or simply as part of the spoils of war. 

4. Russo-Baltique Vodka - $ 1.35 Million.

Russo baroque vodka is the next most expensive alcoholic drinkon the list with a bottle costing a whopping 1.35 million dollars you'd have to really like vodka to buy a bottle of this the bottles are made to look like old cars and the tops of each one are made of 100 pure gold with diamonds set in them. 

Don't worry though unless you're a Russian billionaire or oligarch you won't be the target of crazy marketing campaigns or be followed around the internet with ads it's only for the people listed above because they're the only ones who can afford it. 

5. Diva Vodka- $ 1 million. 

If you are searching for something absolutely different don't care about the floor and don't mind spending a little extra money then diva vodka might be for you after going through the standard filtering process.

This unique vodka is given an additional treatment by passing it through a series of valuable jewels after that it is transferred into a bottle that features a glass tube that is filled with sworoski crystals and runs along from that you're paying I million for a bottle of vodka. 

Which most likely taste exactly the same as any other decent quality brand despite the fact that you're paying so much more for it. 

6. Mendes Coconut Brandy Versus Dash I million. 

Coconut is flavour that combines particularly well with alcoholic beverages and because mends has invested a brandy that is manufactured, exclusively from coconuts it is not surprising that it could sell for such a high price the founder of house of mends W m Mendes personally numbers and signs each bottle in the collection. 

However despite the fact that there are only a limited number of bottles available paying I million for a bottle of booze is still completely ludicrous to say the least.

7. Macallan 64 Year Old. 

In Lalique - 625 000. The most expensive whiskey in the world is mcallen 64 year old in la Leake which comes in at number seven it was made to break records so it shouldn't be a surprise that it costs a lot mcallen is known for making high-quality single malt whiskey. 

So it's notsuprising that they went all in when they took on this challenge only four bottle were ever made and the craftsmanship of the bottle and the whiskey itself are make this drink so darn expensive it seems that each bottle is made by hand from pure crystal and weighs 25 pounds even when it's empty. 

8. 1945 Romanee - Conti Wine - $558,000.

Roman a Connie has become the most valuable wine to collect and 1945 is considered to be its best year in 1945 they only made 600 bottles which is importance because it was the last year before they planted new vines, Sotheby's  sold the wine. 

And they said it was concentrated and exotic with a power that seems to last forever a wine at peace with itself when you think about where this bottle came from it's easy to see why it sold for 558 000. 

9. Armand De Brignac Midas Dash 265 thousand dollars. 

Armand de brigand mita Champagne is the most costly champagne in the history of Champagne and it has become incredibly renowned and well known thanks to rappers and spots starts it has been matured for about 30 years and some the best grapes available were used in order to give it its particular flavour in spite of this the fact that the bottle was painted with gold.

In the drink was  one of the priciest available anywhere in the globe almost certainly contributed to the product's meteoric rise in popularity. 

10. Dalmore 62 - $215,000

This one is a little bit of a riddle because no one really knows where it got its name from or the method that made the single malt so pricey consequently it is considered to be a bit of a mystery due to the fact that there were only 12 bottles produced the limited supply plays a significant role in the pricing. 

It's interesting to note that the very last bottle of alcohol that was seen in public was actually bought at the airport in Singapore nobody really understands  how it got there.

But whoever bough it did very well for themselves that much is evident. 

11.  The Sappire Revelation By Bombay $200 000. 

Bombay the best-known gin company in London makes one of the most recognisable gin bottle in the world but they decided to go one step further and make a limited edition series called the Sapphire revelation. 

For two hundred thousand dollars you can buy a bottle in the shape of a jewel made of baccarat crystal diamonds and Sapphires it will be filled with the best gin the company has ever made after you're done drinking the gin you might be able to sell the bottle or keep it as a unique eye-catching decoration for your home. 

12. Penfold Ampoule - $170,000

The pen folds empale is certainly one of the most eye-catching bottles in our collection it is blown by hand and it packs one heck of a punch both of which help to explain the absolutely absurd price tag that it carries.

There are only 12 handcrafted bottles of this pricey wine in existence on the entire earth each bottle bears its own unique number and it was created by some of south Australia's most chilled artisans if you send over 170 000 the project's chief winemaker will sign a certificate attesting to the project's authenticity and granting you ownership of the wine. 

13. The Black Pearly Louis XIII Anniversary Edition By Remy Martin - $165,000.

The following cocktail is the black pearly Louis Xiii created by rely Martin as a result of the use of components that are well over 100 years old this is currently their most expensive liquor in order to preserve the limited available of the bottles each one is hand inlaid with a different precious stone. 

And only a very tiny number are produced they were also crafted utilising a one-of -a-kind method and procedure the details of which are said to be hidden away in some kind of top -secret storage facility. 

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