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Most expensive cars in the world, Supercars with untouchable price.


Most expensive cars in the world



The coattail comes with a two -door convertible inspired by J -class yachts and constructed on the premium platform architecture the boat tilt is the boat tilt is 232 inches in length and bores the phantom 6.75 later twin -turbo v12 an entire stack 

It also features over 1800 new components including a one-of-a-kind clock. And a luxury dining set for alfresco dining this super luxury cart costs 28 million dollars each. 

Now officially it is the most expensive new car in the world.


this is the one and only car who held the title the most expensive new car in the world until the 2021 revealed of a certain trio of Rolls-Royce coach builds and it priced at over 18.7 million dollar inspired by the latch injury type 57 Atlantic that was lost during world war roma2. the noir rocks and all black look with the modern horseshoe crow led headlights that finished on top of its real arches . 

The cars' bodywork is entirely constructed of carbon fibre and all of its pieces are handcrafted the model took two years to complete fabrication and testing.


And it is just now being given to its owner who has chosen to remain unknown the 10 -unit limited ediiton shantiachi. 

Was created to commemorate Bugatti's rich and stormy 110-year history the hyper car combines the current chassis of the best - selling cures with an exterior inspired by the 1990 eb -110 from the brand's Italian time. 

The narrow horseshoe grilled is paired with horizontal slats and then headlamps creating a striking likeness up front there are also five spherical air vents on the sides as well as a glass engine cover which is powered by an 8 later 16 cylinder engine with four turbo chargers and comes with 1578 horsepower. 

The hyper car claims exceptional straight line accretion with a top speed of 60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds  zero to 124miles per hour and 6.1 seconds and 186 miles per hour in 13.1 seconds. 

Production is likely to commence in 2021 since it has already been reported tested in the Germany the costs of pee car is 9.7 million dollars. 


This is most likely the final wire iteration before the release of the new pagans model this three -unit special edition pays homage to the Italian fractures trickle aerobatic group which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year built on a regular wire carbon titanium monocoque the supercar features updates.

No roof bodywork and blue carbon weave accented by Italian flag collars for added downforce there is a new front splitter and rear diffuser  and the front bumper funnels cool air straight to the engine as wells an overhead intake scoop to ensure and take efficiency. 

The tricolour most significant enhancements are still hidden beneath the skin the m6 later twin turbo vp wealth has been upgraded to produce 840 horsepower and 811 pound -feet torque making the automobile the family's most powerful member and the price of this supercar is 6.7 milli[on dollars.


This creation by Aston martin's q division is a tribute to victor gauntlet the famous industrialist who restricted the company in the 1980s, the victory is underpinned by the last 78th chases of a prototype 177 and received some important bits and pieces of the track only Vulcan which was limited to 24 units its all-carbon fibre bodywork was inspired by the vantage v8. 

The broad and sculpted side skits the live man's racer created by rob and Hamilton include integrated side exit exhaust pipes. 

The dark green paintwork and custom wheels match the vintage design but the proper propulsion unit for this build is a massive naturally aspirated v12 with 7.3 later displacement and a maximum output of 836 horsepower finally the vector has a six-speed manual transmission making it the most powerful road legal extent Martin with a stick with the price of 2.3 million dollars. 


McLaren made a public statement in 2017 that the vision concept was created primarily for the playstation 4 racing simulator gran truism fortunately for us the model. 

Now has a real world execution in the form of the 15units McLaren sabre this limited edition hypercard is part of them so divisions customised program which includes 15 clients who get to participate in its creation and custom design. 

They customise the appearance and interior to meet their own requirements, all sabres are powered by ford leader twin turbo v8 engine that produces 824 horsepower 34 more than the Santa Fe the peak torque of 590 pound feet remains unchanged while the highest speed of 218 miles per hour. 

Is predicted this final static makes the scar the fastest McLaren has ever produced. The price of this car is 4.98 million dollars, we desire you to acquire one of these fantastic cars someday and in exchange. 


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