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How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy s21, s21 plus and s21 ultra.



Welcome back everyone I'll go ahead and show you exactly how to screenshot on any Samsung galaxy s21 whether it's the s21 plus s21 ultra even the standard s21. 

1. Locate to the right of your device

It's pretty much the same exact process so what you want to do first of all is locate to the right of your device basically where the power button and volume buttons are you want to just notice them. 

You want to notice the power button which is right there and the volume down button, so ignorer to screenshot what you want to do is you want to simultaneously click both of the buttons at the same time you do not want to click one and then click the other one. 

You want to simultaneously click on them at the sometime and I don't even think you need to hold them just click on it just like this and you will see that I will go ahead and get that give you that little like pop-up thing, 

And it'll go ahead and give you this little pop-up at the bottom now I may tell you to go ahead and allow the file directory to save the screenshot so click allow and in this case I'm going to go ahead and do it again. 

So hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time just like so and you'll go ahead and see that you'll get this little pop up at at the bottom so all you have to do is go ahead and click on the photo and you can go ahead an open it up into gallery google photos whatever you want to. 

And this case you'll basically see the screenshot as well as the other screenshots you may have taken so all you have to do at this point is click on the display just like so and at the bottom we have a couple of different options we can favourite the photo. 

Edit the photo share the photo delete the photo or have a couple of more different options we can also get some details set as wallpaper copy to clipboard move to secure folder or print out the file as well or print out the photo. 

So let's say we want to go ahead and share it off we would go and click the shoe button we can go ahead and message it to somebody put it on google drive email it to somebody. 

There's a lot of different options that we have posted on dick talks somehow I didn't even know we had that option, so there's a lot of different things you can do but that's really pretty much the process for the most part.

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