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How to install custom fonts on iPhone for free, It is simpler step by step.

How to install custom fonts on iPhone


Do you need custom fonts on your iPhone? here am gonna show you how to do it. 

Hello everyone I'm Chaltrends, welcome back to another episode, in this Post you'll learn how to add custom fonts on iPhone? 

So without any further delay, let's get started! 

1. Open Settings, and tap on General. 

Now, select fonts. Here you'll see there isn't any font installed on my iPhone. That is why are seeing this message, So in order to install fonts on the iPhone, we need an app. 

So simply tap on this option which says Open App Store, or alternatively, you may also Go to the home screen and open the App Store. 

Once you are in the App Store, search for Adobe Creative and then, install it on your iPhone, Adobe Creative Cloud provides 1300 fonts absolutely free. 

And if you need more, you may proceed with their creative cloud plans, But for installing custom fonts on your iPhone you don't need to pay anything if you choose one of the free fonts available. 

Okay, once the app opened, on the welcome screen you'll be asked to log in either with Adobe ID or you may continue with Apple.

Also, you can use Google, as well as Facebook in order to finish the login process, and apart from that, you may also choose the signup button, if you want to proceed with an email address.

As I already have an Adobe account, I'll continue with Adobe ID. Let me complete the login process and if you want you can enable the notification for the app. 

Here you'll see what's new in the Adobe Creative Cloud app. if you want you may read this, which is good if you want to explore what's new.  

But since we have to install custom fonts on iPhone so I'll prefer to select - Explore fonts library. 

So, here we are, we have got this font library, which contains 1300 free fonts as I have already mentioned. Scroll down and look over the different fonts, and then choose as per your liking. 

I'm going to select this, so I'll tap on the install fonts option with this blue plus icon,. This will start downloading the font into your iPhone. Now confirm the installation process by tapping on install. 

We got the green signal, that says installed, now go to the settings again, and then General. 

Now select fonts alright! Here we go, we have successfully installed the custom font on iPhone. Now let me show you whether it is working or not. 

In order to test it, let's open any Iwork apps, so I'm going to open the pages app and create a new document. 

I'll type anything and then select the text that I want to customise with another font. Now tap the paint Brush icon and then tap font. We'll select the font that we just installed. And as you can see, the font is changed now. 

2. iWork Apps.

So this confirms that it's working and this is how to install custom fonts on the iPhone. But the problem with this method is  you can only use this within iWork apps. 

So what if you need to use custom fonts in any other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.? 

well this is another way to install custom fonts on the iPhone and this works for third - part apps as well. 

3. Go to the App Store and Search for Buzzer fonts, 

This is basically a keyboard app having multiple fonts, and believe me, this is just awesome, you are going to love the fonts, Simply install it and open the app. 

This will guide you on how to activate the custom fonts on your iPhone, Tap on Go to settings, and this will take you to the settings, From here tap on General, then keyboard. 

Again, go to keyboard options and tap to Add New Keyboard, this will show you various keyboard choices but you need to scroll down until you find third- party keyboard section. 

Tap on this and it'll add Buzzer fonts in your keyboards list. Tap on Buzzer font and allow full access using the toggle option. 

Okay now that we are done with the setup process, open any messaging app and tap to write,Now select and hold the globe icon from here and choose the Buzzer fonts option.  

You'll get various options, from which you need to Tap and choose the desired custom font that you want to use. 

Now, start typing, and as you can see, the custom font is working properly on this iPhone, so now you know 2 working methods to install and use custom fonts on the iPhone. 

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