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How to take Screenshot on Samsung s22 ultra, Three ways plus Long Screenshot.

How to take Screenshot on Samsung s22 ultra


Hi welcome to the Channel this Post covers three different ways to take a screenshot on Samsung galaxy s22 ultra 5g I will also show you how to take a long screenshot and tips to troubleshoot the palm swipe gesture screenshot so let's get started, 

One of my favourite methods to take a screenshot is 

1. Using Edge Panel,

For using this method go to edge panel by pulling this handle swipe through the boards and reach the task page, you will get this take screenshots button tap on it will save the screenshot easy right to add a task page on your edge panel go to the edge panel, 

And tap settings select the task page by tapping on it you get this check mark which confirms the board is added now navigate to the task page and tap on take screenshot you get this toolbar through which you can take a long screenshot edit or tag the screenshot. 

2. Palm Swipe Gesture 

The palm swipe gesture is another way to take a screenshot on galaxy s22 ultra to use this method swipe your palm on the screen like this you can swipe right to left or left to right and show while swiping your palm keep the edge of your palm close to the screen. 

3. Troubleshoot Palm Swipe Gesture

It will save the screenshot if this method is not working you can check whether this gesture is enable in settings and navigate to advanced features go to motions and gestures ensure the palm swipe to capture is on 

If you use the screen protector go to settings display toggle on touch sensitivity.

4. Two Button Combination

Now you will be able to take the screenshot using the palm swipe gesture a two button combination method to take a screenshot is a good option if you want to take a screenshot of the lock screen however you can use this method on any page. 

To use this method you need a volume down and power button you can find them on the right side of the device, now quickly press and release both of these buttons together holding these two buttons brings a power menu instead of taking the screenshot. 

So quickly press and release the keys it saves the screenshot to the gallery a long or scroll screenshot is a method 

  • Long Screenshot 
Is a method to save multiple pages in one screenshot so let me show you how to do it to start with go to the page or app you want to save the screenshot for example  let me go to settings take a screenshot using any of the method shown before. 

I will use the task page method you get this toolbar with this downer icon tap on it, it will take scrolling screenshot if you reach the end of the page or stop tapping the long screenshot button the screenshot will automatically save to the gallery to access the taken. 

Where to see Taken Screenshots?

Go to the gallery albums here screenshot folder you will find all the screenshot irrespective of the method you have used. 

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