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How to take Screenshot on Samsung note 10 and 10 plus, Four different ways tips


How to take Screenshot on Samsung note 10


Hey what is going on guys so you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 here I'm gonna show you four ways to do a screenshot and then I'll show you some tips on top of that, 

Okay so the first way is I think it's he most easiest way and then over 90% of you guys would do it this way but it's a two key combo what you want to do is 

1. Press the volume down and the power button simultaneously, 

Really quick okay just like this you can see it snap I'll do it again now if you press and hold too long this is gonna pop up so make sure just go quick both buttons and then release. 

And I'll show you what this does down here in one second but another way to do a screenshot is 

2. Palm Swipe 

So gently brush over from left to right or right so I'll go from left to right oops oh let me do it again there you go and same thing if we go from right to left we can do the same thing oops let me do it again just like that anyways that is enable

3. Disable Palm Swipe, 

By default if you want to disable that or you want to go ahead and read able it simply just go into your settings and then from settings you want to go down to advanced features and then from here you want to go down to where it says motions and gestures tap on that and here's palm swipe to capture again by default it is toggled on. 

So the third way to take a screenshot is 

4.  Using Your S-Pen 

So I'll go ahead and pop this out okay so basically just tap on right there and there you can do a screen with and you can tap it there and you can go ahead and edit From there as well even if I go into like let me just go into a browser and the something. 

So if I'm in a browser I can tap on that just go right down to screen right and it takes a screenshot there and the last way is using bixby so you have to set the bixby up and you have to link it to your Samsung Account anyways I just set mine up so I'm gonna press and hold take a screenshot. 

And you can see it take a screenshot there now going back and showing you some tips here let me go back to the home screen and if you take a screenshot I'll go ahead and hold the two buttons like that. 

Now you have this bottom bar down you can go down you can go ahead and tap on that you can go ahead and crop it you can go ahead and you can edit  it you can right in there if you want to go ahead and go back erase everything you can just go ahead and simply tap on this the back features. 

And I'll go ahead and take another screen shot so i'll take screenshot and of course you can do a hashtag you can tap on that or you can even do a share button as well. 

Which is right there no no now another thing is that's pretty cool is for instance if I go into like let's say I want to take a screenshot of something long 

So a web page right there and I want to take a screenshot of like all of this or half of this so what I can do is go with the screenshot and now because there's room to scroll. 

Now I have this button down and you see this down so if I tap on this oops I got a tap sorry now I can go ahead and stop right there I'll stop it and then I can go ahead and edit it and whatnot as well 

I'm just going to go ahead and leave it like that and we can see everything that you think a a screenshot of we'll go right into your gallery so and you can see that last long screenshot I just took there and some other screenshots that were here as well. 

So pretty simple. 

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