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How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy note 20 Ultra, Four different ways.


How to take Screenshot on Samsung note 20 Ultra


In this Post I am going to show you four different ways to take a screenshot on Samsung galaxy note 20 Ultra or galaxy note 20. 

The first method is 

1. Using the edge panel,

For using this method first go to the edge panel by swiping left you can identify the edge panel by this white line, now tap on the settings add the tasks to the edge panel by selecting it. 

This is a one time setting after this whenever you want to take a screenshot on galaxy note 20 or note 20 ultra go to the edge panel browser to the tasks panel you can do that by swiping left or righto on this panel choose screenshot it will take a screenshot you will see this toolbar,

Using this toolbar you can edit or tag or share the screenshot directly if you don't do anything it will automatically save the screenshot all the screenshots are saved in the gallery screenshot folder to access the taken screenshots go to gallery albums screenshot folder. 

You will find all the screenshots irrespective of the methods you have used to take a screenshot mentioned in this Post,

  •  Long Screenshot or Scroll screenshot,

Now I will show you how to take a long screenshot or scroll screenshot on galaxy note 20 or note 20, ultra for example you are on the website with multiple pages like this to take scroll screenshot go to the page you want and take a screenshot. 

Now you will get this Screenshot toolbar with this down arrow icon tap on it will take the scrolling screenshot every time you tap this down arrow icon the screenshot  will become longer and longer as it adds more and more pages if you stop tapping or if you reach the end of the page it will stop taking the screenshot and save it to the Gallery,

Is the just now taken screenshot do note that if you take a screenshot on something which has only one page you will not find the down arrow icon to take a long screenshot,

2. Using the S-Pen, 

The s pen the advantage of using this method is you can take a screenshot on different. shapes to use this method get the s pen go to s pen option select smart select you will get this toolbar with these options you can choose the shape you want the screenshot you have rectangle shape free draw circle shape or even you can capture gif images. 

For example 

Let me select the rectangle shape you can directly share from here or save it by tapping this it will save it to the gallery this is the screenshot we captured. 

Now the third and fourth methods are standard on most of the Samsung galaxy phones, these methods are using the 

3, Using the Palm Swipe to capture,

And hardware keys methods to take a screenshot using palm swipe just swipe your palm left to right or vice versa while swiping the screen ensure the edge of your palm touches the screen slightly on this method too you will get the scroll screenshot options, 

The fourth method is 

4. Using the hardware keys, 

To captures screenshot using this method quickly press and release volume down and power keys together it will take the screenshot if you press and release volume down and power keys together like edge panel or palm swipe to capture methods. 

You'll get this screenshot toolbar too you can use it to take a long screenshot or edit or tag the screenshot that's it for this Post. 

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