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How to root Android 11, Best and simple way to root Android.


How to root Android


Click on verify root, Grant congratulations root access is properly installed on this device. 

With the introduction of Android 11 rolling out for a lot more devices people are upgrading it without knowing that it's becoming even more complex for you root  your device and without the proper steps you might sendup with a boot loop. 

So if you want to root your Android 11 device or if you want to install majesty 22.0 which changed from 21.0 so the steps are completely different. 

So now let's get started. The first thing that you have to do is 

1. Navigate to this website the link of which will be found in the description section below. 

And if you click there on your laptop or on your mobile phone you have to scroll down until the point where you see the download button there it says download matches Gap and on top you can see version 22.0 make sure this is the 22.0 version that you're downloading click on download matches cap and it's gonna download an APK to your mobile phone the name of this APK I'll show you here is called 

  • MAGIC.  22.0 dot APK make sure this is the exact name that it says when you're downloading it. 

And once you click on download it's gonna download on your systems. 

  • Now the important thing starts, 

After downloaded if it is on your laptop move to that file or if it is on your mobile phone move to that on a file explorer because basically all you have to do is  rename it. 

And I'm gonna click on there and click on rename, now you don't have to change the name but the place where you say APK you have to click and make it zip so basically it's gonna be now magic v22.0 dot zip click on OK and rename it. 

And now its gonna magically change into something like zip file that's all now make sure you turn yourself into your TWRP recovery. 

So im gonna turn it on like this if you don't have TWRP recovery installed on your mobile phone first of all go to the second link in the description of the video right below the Magic link there you will be able to find all the devices which support TWRP recovery. 

If your phone is one of them you can make sure to click there to install the recovery because I've made a video about it in the past but if you have already installed this is what you need to do, so once you go there click on install and locate the file which you renamed. 

So this is the file that you renamed magic 22.0 and this version you just have to click there and slide, and you will see something of this sort happening on your mobile phone right now. 

Now this should get successful after the end so it should give you a message saying something like installation successful and that is when you know that you have successfully installed matches right there. If you see the last thing is called 

  • Done

And that means that  the installation of this matches has been successfully on your mobile phone so all you need to do now is reboot and when the phone's gonna boot up you will be able to see that your phone is now rooted and second of all you will have.

2. Magic Manager 

Installed on your mobile phone so after your mobile will restart you will not be able to still find where the magic icon is that's because now if you see you will see something like matches and you have to tap in there to get a message upgrade to full magic to finish the setup click on OK. 

So this basically is now going to download the magistrates manager now going to download the magistrates manager now if you have installed this magic before, but an older version you will know that this used to come as a magistrate manager and a magic zip file click on install. 

So now they changed and they merged both of these files into one so the zip file that you flashed is the APK of magic manager so basically after flashing this ZIP file it automatically downloads. 

And there you have matches installed on your phone I'll show you the version it's 22.0 version that means it's installed now quickly let's go ahead and check on root cheer if your phone is rooted agree. 

I don't need this click on verify root Grant,

Congratulations root access is properly installed on this device with Android version 11. 

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