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How to hard rest android phone, How to factory reset android phone, and easy steps


How to hard reset


Hey what is going on guys I have a Samsung Galaxy a 50  i'm going to explain you how to do a hard reset in other words a factory reset using the hard keys  and this Post is mainly for those of you that forgot your password. 

Because the thing is in order for you to do a factor reset when you typically have to do first is

1. Shut off your phone, 

However you guys might have an issue where you can't shut off your  phone because when you try to shut off your phone is asking for a password that you forgot and let me show you in one second, 

So typically what you want to do if  I press and hold the power off menu and I press on power off I mean the first thing you want to do is turn your phone off. 

But the thing is I mean what happens if you forgot your password okay you're not going to be able to turn off your phone, now the easiest way to do the factory reset is actually to shut off your phone and then once your phone is off what you want to do is you want to press press and hold- but simultaneously the volume up and the power button you want to press and hold both buttons wait TV is Samsung logo appear and then let go.

That's when your phone is already off however my phone is on and let's just pretend I forgot my password so I can't even turn off my phone okay it keeps asking me for a password there.

So how do we bypass this very simple now listen closely okay now what we need to do is force it to restart once it's about to restart we need to switch keys okay the so the first thing is this you want to press and hold the volume down and power button okay and press and hold the volume down power button, press and hold for about 10 seconds, 

10 seconds is up then only let go of volume down button and press and hold the volume up button and never take your finger off of the power button. 

I always hold the power in so volume down power button press and hold for 10 seconds after 10 seconds only release the volume down button and press and press and hold the volume up button until we see the Samsung logo. 

So we're going to go ahead and do this together okay volume down power button okay ready, I'm going to hold this for about 10 seconds soon as I'm 10 seconds is up I'm gonna switch to the volume, 

So now I'm holding on top the volume up and only the power button or Samsung logo now I can go ahead and let go and let's see if I got this on my fur try sometimes it takes me a couple tries to get in okay first time we're in business and then there you go. 

So from there you can go ahead and do a factory reset don't forget what a factory reset you're gonna lose everything so from there what you want to do is you want to scroll down you can use your volume rockers up or down on the list there. 

So you want to go down to where it says wipe data/factory reset and it says down there- if your phone is reset you may need to enter the Google Account information email address or a Gmail that's linked to your email app you may have to go ahead and use the same either figure out which email you use and the password to proceed with the setup okay anyways. 

From there what you want you to do is if you want to continue with the wipe data/ factory reset to select it you would press the power button there, so press the power button and then you get this menu that pops up there basically asking are you sure you want to do it. 

Because once you do this it cannot be undone so if you have important information on your like photos and videos and whatnot hopefully you hit you back that up before and you have it safe. 

It's not all gonna be erased anyways if you want to proceed from there, you would use the volume down rocker to go to YES and then you would select the powder you would press the power button to select it and then it's going to go ahead and proceed with the factory reset you can see what it's doing down there soon 

As is done it's gonna end up rebooting your phone back to the very beginning you know you have to choose. your language for the setup process basically as if you just bought the phone brand new and took it out of the box and you had to proceed with a setup. 

For me I'm not gonna factory reset this because I don't need to I'm gonna go back up to No, I'm gonna cancel out of this I'm gonna press the power button to proceed and then the is highlighted reboot system. 

Now I'm gonna go ahead  and press the power button cuz again I'm not going to do a factory reset on this anyways I hope that helped you guys out.

Let me know if you had a password in there let me know how many times it took you 

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