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Best android emulator for PC, Easy to use, Mumu Player, Bluestacks.

Mumu Player 11


Hey what's guys welcome to the series called best software of the year today's topic is best android emulator in my opinion the best android emulator of the year goes to Mumu player 11 because as of now this is the one and only android emulator which runs on android 11. 

Yes you heard it right actually let me go to the settings about phone and you can see this is android 11. I can also open the Easter egg for it. 

This is the android 11 Easter egg so actually there are many android emulators such as bluestaks nox memu id player and more. 

The most popular ones are blustacks and not and actually before I found out about this android emulator I was using the blue stacks which I still use, I still use blue stacks because blue stacks is actually pretty good. 

But blue stacks and all the other android emulators are actually stuck on android 9. so as of now this is the one and only android emulator which gives you the most up to date android version this emulator supports more games more applications compared to android 9 emulators. 

Because if there is a game or application which requires you to have a android 11 then you know you will need a android 11. 

Sometime the latest is actually always greatest so this is one of those cases you know higher the android version it will be better so that's all we need to understand. 

So now let's just talk about this android emulator itself first let's just talk about how to get it this is the official website called which I will put link in the description you can go there. 

And download it once you visit the site we have different download options to choose from if you want to try the android 11 one, you will see mom player android 11 beta just in case if you don't want to use a beta there is a android 9 version one. 

There is a 32 bits one if you have a slow computer and we have offline installer you can choose any of these but you know if you want to try the latest and greatest then go with the mom player android 11 beta now. 

Let's explore the emulator itself let's just talk about the features and some other should know about the android emulators. 

That they have almost the same controls for example if you want to do the key mapping every android emulator has kind of a same key mapping tool they have all the features and everything so you don't have to worry about anything because at this point these features have become very common you can find all these features on every single android emulator. 

So I think I don't need to talk about the key mapping and some other tools that you know android emulators offers because every single one has same kind of thing . 

So now let's talk about this some other stuff this is one of the cleanest android emulator that I have ever used because there are not too many options to confuse you, not too many options to customise. 

There are some just you know absolutely needed settings only which I really like so there is a basic setting you can see there is advance you can customise the android emulator for performance you can give more memory ram and everything else. 

Interface you can change the resolution you can see everything is just like very simple and easy to understand and not too many options. So I really like this android emulators settings is just absolutely clean that's all. 

So I think that's it I don't need to talk too much, this android emulator runs on android 11, so this year you know this is the best android emulator in my opinion because sometime the latest is just greatest. 

So you can game on it just like you do on other android emulators if you have used one. So you can pub if you play pubs I have it downloaded. 

We can see key maps, we can use was to you know control our character and some other you know key mapping I don't really play pubs  but you know this is something that lots of people play so you know I mentioned it that's al you can play other games too. 

I like simple games and of course we have the play store from here you can download games and applications that you like you can see. All right I think I don't need to talk too much this is just another android emulator with just better android version. 

That's all you need to know. and but still if you have any question or suggestion do the comment I'll try to help out or I will just reply you that's it. 

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