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How to recover a Permanently banned or suspended TikTok account, Step by step.

Fix Banned TikTok account


If you're trying to log into your tiktok account and you're getting this message saying your account has been suspended. 

In this Post I'm going to show you how you can appeal try to get your account back, Hi! Guys I'm Chaltrends here. 

So if you recently  try to log into one of you tiktok accounts and you have been getting this message saying that you account was suspended now you didn't get an email and you didn't get any notices from tiktok or anything on how to appeal that and try to get you account back 

You actually didn't get a reason why you account was suspended so I'm thinking that I'm not the only one going through  this issue right now. 

So if your account has been suspended or banned and you want to know how to get your account back so this is what you have to do. 

This is the only way that I found on how to appeal a suspended account try to get it back so in order for this to work you'll need a second ticktock account. 

So go on tiktok and just sign up for a new account even sign up for a new account even if you're not planning on using that account this is part of the process of appealing for that account that has been suspended. 

So once you have a brand new tiktok account what you'll do is you'll click on your name on the top and its going to open the option to create a new account now you're simply going to follow the sign up process for creating a new account but instead of actually putting the information to create a new account you're going to enter the information from your previous suspended account whatever birthday you use for that account that's where you're going to enter. 

For this new sign up process then you're going to enter the phone or email address that you use for that account that was suspended make sure it's the same email or the same phone number once you complete the verification.

Ticktock is going to say that you already have an account with that phone number or that email address and that's what you do is now enter the password you use for that account that was suspended for that specific account. 

And just hit login once you hit login you'll get a notification saying that your account was banned or suspended just like you're seeing right now. 

But now it gives you the option to appeal meaning that you get a chance to explain yourself. And tick tock is going to give you the options to actually submit your reasons why you should get your account back now. 

If you believe your content didn't break any guidelines whatsoever you should definitely appeal in my case my icon was suspended for no reason. 

Whatsoever none of the Posts that I was uploading on my account were breaking any of the guidelines because I checked the guidelines and I know exactly what breaks those rules enter the reasons, why you believe your videos did not break your guidelines and ask them to reinstate your ticktock account.

And as you can see it says appeal submitted so now you need to wait for a response from ticktock which usually can take a few days so you got to be patient and they're going to send  that response straight to your email. 

So far that is the only way that I found to try to get a banned or suspended ticktock account back. But if you guys found any other way to get your account back let me know in the comment section below. 

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