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How to fix Tiktok not working on iphone, Simple steps.

How to tix TikTok not working on iPhone


Hi guys Chaltrends here. 

Welcome to one of the tech tips and of course this one is for those or on the iPhone. This works are any iPhone I think is tiktok is not working for your iPhone. 

Alright so if the application once you launch it or whatever it is that you're doing it's just not working as it should you can try the following, so of course if the application is open mine is working fine alright no but of course if it's not working simply do the following.

1. Swipe up from the button of the screen. 

And what you're going to do is they're going to close the application. When the application is open what you are  going to do is swipe up once you swipe up the application will be closed. 

Once you do like this go ahead again and launch the application so as you can see there I have launched the application one more. 

And if it's still crashing of course you're gonna try the second thing... 

2. To Reboot Your iPhone 

Such as you might know already. 

Go ahead and hold on power and volume up so all power volume up at the same time and of course you'll see this slide up, and go ahead and slide to power off of course I don't want to do that but of course once you reboot the device will come back up you'll be asked to enter your password whatever it is. 

Let's go ahead me enter mine off - screen and of course as you can see I'm back up and then again go ahead and try launch you know I'm ticktock so that's it. 

3.  Uninstall the  Application, 

So for example you'll notice that ticktock is still installed so let's go ahead and long press. Once you long press the application you should see a bunch of options. Go ahead and look for the one that says uninstall or delete the application the first one here, so go ahead and select delete  up which is in red of course it's shown with the pin icon and I'm just going to close out another way to do. 

This is to progressing even after disappears and you see it shaking just go ahead and top this small X in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and it will uninstall,  first I'm gonna install this so I'm gonna hit done once it's installed in this case. 

Go ahead once more go to App Store and what you're gonna do here, is you're going to search for the ticktock application to the square and search for a ticktock and in case instead of open it should say install or you should see the cloud icon. 

Let's go ahead and tap that and install once it installs again simply go ahead and check to see that the application is working fine by launching it. 

And in most cases it should start up again and start to work it's also a good idea after uninstalling  to reboot the phone and then install. 

4. Go To The Settings; 

To go to the settings once you're in setting you'll see a number of network connections up here depending on what you're on you may be on mobile data or Scylla or you might be on Wi-Fi, it's up to you now of course is pretend you're on mobile data make sure that you have enough minutes or your plan is up to date. 

What do I mean make sure that you're able to browse the internet so go ahead and try to browse a website make sure your data plan is up to date and you have megabytes if you do not have megabytes it could affect the application as it does use the internet.

Another thing is you may want to if you're on mobile data switch to a Wi-Fi or vice versa if you're on Wi-Fi TRY out your mobile data if you're on Wi-Fi make sure that your Wi-Fi network is working on browsing. 

But also trying to go on the internet and of course in some cases the issue might be just a Wi-Fi giving issues or your mobile data carrier might be having issues at a particular time result in the application are  not working. 

So if you try all of that of course there still might be a rare case where all of those will not work. 

5. Disco; Ahead and go online and of course you're going to go ahead and search and check to see if the tiktok histone of course you can do a general search tiktok is ticked on and on today and of course there some website so just don't detect. It should be able to tell you if a tik tok application is working and of course if it's a major issue such as a server error that's worldwide you should see news articles dated today. 

Are today that you're reading this Post on the cedar stick talk is done for the day alright so you want to try all of those guys think of basically covered all the major aspects in his ticktock is not working. 

And of course remember if you have anything to share as to what you do in case edit are something that has worked for you that we did not mention go ahead I use the comments and share.

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