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How to fix TikTok not working on android phone, Step by step.

Fix TikTok not working on TikTok


Welcome back guys everyone you may be in a position where for some reason your ticktock app just isn't opening or loading or working at all. 

Now that's gonna happen for a lot of different reasons but typically it comes down to three different  reasons in my opinion it's either a network issue a ticktock issue. 

Or basically an app update issue so the very first thing we're going to talk is that 

1. Network Issue. 

So basically what this means is that maybe  you're not connected to a reliable network or a good network at all basically if you're not connected to strong  Wi-Fi connection or strong data connection then you won't be able to load up ticktock. 

You'll basically be stuck at that splash screen  or you'll just get into you know error saying unable to load ticktocks or anything like that so in order to fix this even see if this is the problem is to go into any other app your safari browser. 

You know Instagram twitter any other App Store for example and see if you're able to load up any other apps and hopefully they're connected to the internet and you can see its able to load up these things you know.. 

I'm able to get a strong internet connection so I know that if I'm having issue with ticktock it's not a network problem. 

But if you're loading up these apps and they're taking a longtime, and its just you know not loading up at all then you obviously know at that point that it is a network issue in some form or fashion. 

So the best thing to do in that case is to go into your wi-fi settings or your data connection settings and connect to a better network and all that good stuff and at that point you should be good to go and there's really not going to be any problems At that point for your network at least. 

2. Ticktock Server Issue. 

So what this means is that sometimes tick tock servers are down they're updating stuff and you know because of that ticktock, may get down and there's really nothing you can do about it or anybody else we just have to wait for ticktock to actually come back up and their servers to get and running. 

Now a great way to actually determine if ticktock is actually down or not is o check on twitter or instagram or any other social media platforms, or just type in ticktock on google and see if you know ticktock is down is trending or anything like that. 

3. App update Issue. 

So maybe you're on a super outdated version of ticktock so in order to fix this then its very easy all you want to do is basically make your way over to your App Store if you're on android obviously is the google play store and just want to search for ticktock so you I didn't have to do. 

This I can't even hop out it you just basically have to search for here click here and then just type in ticktock or whichever app you know snapchat you know has this problem all the time too. 

And once you search for it all you have to do is click. on the app and you just want to see if there's an update available. 

If it says update here or anywhere else you want to go ahead and click that little update button and chances are that'll actually end up fixing the issues. 

Now if you're still having issues at this point I would recommend re -watching this Post going through the steps again and if all else fails I would recommend deleting ticktock.

And then reinstalling it and that will probably end up fixing the issues as well so that pretty much covers it up if you guys have any questions or anything let me know in the comment section below. 


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