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How to get unlimited Coins and Diamonds in Dream League Soccer, Hacks.


How to get unlimited coins in Dream League Soccer


Hey what's up guys in today's Post I'll be teaching you how to get free gems and coins in dreams league soccer, Yes you guys heard that right it's a hundred percent for free. 

All right to get started. 

1. Open Up Settings,

What you're going to do is open up settings once you open up settings go ahead and click on General click on back ground app refresh and once you click on back or not refresh you're going to make sure it's either on Wi-Fi and cellular data. 

Once that's done go back into your settings and now you're going to click on battery now I know this seems silly but just make sure that low power mode is turned off, but there are three step to follow after open up settings 

  • Low power mode is Turned Off
  • Click on App Store,
  • Under App Store, make sure that automatic downloads is turned on

Once your low power mode is turned off go back into your settings click on App Store under App Store make sure that automatic downloads is turned on once these three step by steps are done go ahead and open up Safari and you're going to go to this website right there it called org 

This website is honestly so amazing it has a full list of different mods that you guys can definitely check out one of my favourite personal. favourites obviously DLS that's why I'm sharing it with you. 

But definitely do go through it and see what you guys like and if anything catches your eye to make it faster what you're going to do is where it says search for apps you're going to type in dreams league soccer and I'm going to do 2022 so go ahead and type that in. 

And once you  do hit Done, once you hit done it'll show you and there you guys see it get 200 000 gems and coins so go ahead and click on that and click that red button that says  Inject, now as soon as you hit that button that says inject now guys it's gonna start working its magic.

And getting you that free access also if you guys didn't notice it did have two icons an Android and an Apple icon that just means that all Apple icon that just means IOS.

And Android devices are 100 compatible with this mod so all you IOS and Android lovers will be able to enjoy this method it's super easy and it's super fast all right guys, so as you guys can see it's doing it's magic all right. 

Now we're going to do the quick verification now  at the very top guys make sure you guys read the instructions carefully it is saying that we need to download at least two free apps and stay active for at least 30 seconds so what I'm going to do there is just so you can do a human verification it's super easy. 

It does direct you to the original App Store so yeah make sure you guys follow along I'm just going to click on a random app there and go ahead and click on it and start installing it,  now while the first one starts installing and downloading I'm going to go ahead and download the second app which is I heart radio, just because I don't mind I always listen to the radio by using this app anyway so its okay. 

So what I'm gonna do is just start loading that so while the second one's loading and I know that the first one's done loading when I go ahead and click on the first app that I loaded and installed and what I'm gonna do is stay active and keep it open for at least 30 seconds. 

All right guys this is very crucial make sure you guys are staying on there for at least 30 seconds as you guys can see I'm interacting with the app right now just so I can indicate that I'm a human and I'm not a robot that's all that this process is doing and guys it's a hundred percent for free it's not like it's taking any money you don't have to up for anything. 

As you guys saw I once you think of 30seconds you've been on there you can go ahead and come off that one and do not forget about the second app okay guys, so there I am going on the second app again just making an account there and you guys like I said just staying active at least 30 seconds on each op this it very crucial and it's part of the whole step just to verify that you're not a robot not you're a human.

I know it sounds silly but this is how it works and not always the thing to ask you to do human verification I've had a few times where it doesn't ask me.

So as you guys can see I'm just making an account I'm not minding it again just making sure it's about 30 seconds there okay guys once you guys think it's been about 30 seconds you've interacted on each app for at least 30 seconds . 

You guys can go ahead and get off of it and again doesn't have to be more than 30 seconds so once you think it's 30 seconds get off the app and there you guys have it super easy within a few seconds go ahead and open up DLS. 

And as you guys see I'm getting another more gems and coins added .

As I speak by just using this method in front of you step by step so I hope you guys enjoy it and are enjoying playing DLS from home and having the tool access ability to buy anything you want with gems and coins by using this method. 


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