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How to remove Google account from you phone., Simple step.


How to remove Google account


Heys guys ChalTrends here from tech, made easy today we're going to show you how to remove a Google account off of an Android phone the process will vary slightly based on which Android phone you have. 

But I'm going to just give you a general framework of where to go and what to do to remove a Google account off of an Android phone let's jump right, in you want to find the settings app and on most phones what you can do is if you don't see it on the home screen there will be either an app drawer where you'll see a settings button or you can just swipe down from the top in the upper right corner click on the little settings wheel and that will take you to the settings . 

Now a lot of the newer phones will have a  search option in the settings so you don't even have to really know where to find it just look for the magnifying glass at the top of the screen tap on that and this will allow you to directly just search right for what you want type in accounts and you may see accounts and sync you might see cloud and accounts it could say a lot of  different things. 

But usually it's gonna say accounts in the menu were gonna tap on that and this is going to show us all the accounts that are on the phone, now right now this one only has one Google account so it's going to be really easy we're gonna tap on Google and in the upper right corner these three dots. 

So look for a menu on this phone it is n the corner but on other phones you may see it somewhere next to it tap on the three dots there and hit remove account hit remove again and that's it another Google Account is totally off of the phone. 

So anything that was affiliated with that Google is gone so if I try to go to gmail goes what I'm not gonna see anything not associated with that is removed and taken off the phone once you remove the account. 

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