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How to fully customize android phone, Customize home screen, laucher and settings.


How to customize android phone


What's up guys welcome to today's Post and you know I've started doing this thing on my tick tock recently where I rate people's home screen setups so in the community discord.

I have this whole blog dedicated to people just submitting screenshots of what their home screen looks like and we get some pretty cool ones actually. 

But then yesterday I got this submission and it was from someone named chaltv and like everybody loved it including myself, I think it's amazing and so I figured this would be a good opportunity for me to teach you guys how you can customise your home screen to look something like This or I mean even just however you want to make it yourself. 

And there's literally like an endless mount of possibilities of how you could personalise your home screen but I'm gonna give a specific tutorial for this one and then hopefully that can give you some ideas for your own or you can just copy this one because it's so cool. 

So to customise our home screen today we are going to be using a launcher and this launcher is called nova launcher and it's actually what I use to make my personal home screen as well. 

And so you'll open up the play store search for nova launcher and install it and once its finished downloading just go to your home screen and a pop-up will come up asking you to set it as your default launcher. 

Now the pop-up didn't come up for me since I already did that but it should come up for you now to recreate solar's home screen there are a few more downloads that you actually need and so to make it easy I just posted it in the community discord. 

So that guys can just download them. So right now I'm going to go ahead and just download this wallpaper and then I'm going to download this white icon pack called white log and then we got the widgets these ones are called timeless and they are honestly so cool. 

But unfortunately they do cost money and as you can see I already have it but it costs 99 cents which isn't too bad however it does get a little more complicated than that which is kind of weird so you'll open the timeless widgets and then you'll see you just have like a huge selection of different widgets you can choose from and so all of these widgets are labeled. 

And the one that solar uses is this one right there its sd8 but then the weird thing when you actually go to install it. Which is weird I don't know and so you'll hit install and this app is free however to be able to actually use it. 

You have to et the pro version which is 5.99 and so that's not the best thing in the world but I mean it's like seven dollars total to be able to fully customise your home screen. 

So I mean if you're somebody who's into that then I mean it's worth it and so once you've finished installing those you can then scroll down and download the nova launcher backup file of exactly what solar has his whole setup as in nova launcher. 

So it'll just copy everything over which is really nice and once its downloaded just go ahead and open it up and it's going to ask you to restore that backup file and so now you can see that we kind of have an outline of what everything's support to look like but you can see we're missing this widget this is just like a filler we're missing this widget. 

Which is a filler and we're missing the wallpaper so we have to add those ones and so go ahead and hold down the home screen choose a wallpaper and then just choose the one that we downloaded and now we're actually almost done. 

We just have to fill in these widgets so you'll just tap the widget placeholder and it'll open up that second app that we downloaded and then you just gotta find the widget and so there is a search bar in the top so just go ahead and search for it's called sd8 and so there it is just tap it and then it'll add that to your home screen and so, by default the text is white. 

But it does have an editor so that you can change that and so to open up the editor you'll just tap the widget  and  it'll bring you right there and then at the bottom you're gonna scroll over to globals and then you'll just change both of these text options to black and then we'll hit save at the top. 

And now that widget it totally good to go now we just need this one at the bottom which is a music player so tap the place holder right there and the tittle of this one is t music one. 

So just search for that and so here it is, right there so tap that and then you can actually  just go ahead and hit save and and so now both of the widgets are there and good to go however they are a little small compared to how solar hd it in his. 

And so you don't have to change the size of them but I'm gonna go ahead and do thats just tap the widget and then it'll bring up the editor then you're gonna go to layer and it just gives you a scaling option and so I brought it up to 85.5. 

So let's save that and see how it looks and that looks pretty good but now let's resize this one and I brought that one up to 37.1 and that looks pretty good and we're  done and wow that looks so good. 

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