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How to get unlimited vouchers in Arena of Valor, Step by step.


How to get unlimited vouchers in Arena of Valor


Hey guys let me show you how, how you can get unlimited free game currencies in this game. 

Right now I have almost nothing but that is going to change dramatically by the end of this Post. 

1. Open your Browser, 

Go to the link this is the website we're going to use type your username for the game here you can also type your gmail or iCloud mail address instead, then choose your platform you're playing the game on I'm on android, 

So I'm choosing android tap connect now let's choose the amount and tap generate it's asking me to verify that I am a human it's there. 

So that people can't abuse it that's fine because it's really easy to verify let me show you how to do it to verify we need to complete two app offers from there. 

Your available offers may be different from mine let's choose lord's mobile first its description says that we have to download and run it for 30 seconds to complete the offer. 

Let's download it and play it for a minute, let's head on to the next offer it says we need to install the hotspot shield app and click connect after opening it easy enough let's download the app, Open it and tap on connect. 

The verification process should be complete let's check if it worked, cool it's working. 

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