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How to increase maximum volume on any android device, Increase volume beyond normal on android phone.



Welcome back everyone I'll go ahead and show you a couple of different ways on actually how to increase the maximum volume on any android device. 

Now I did the same thing with iPhones but I couldn't leave my android people you know hanging out, and there's two main different ways of going it with an app and without an app so the very first way is how I'll show you to do it without using an app. 

So the very first way is using it with the built-in-settings of your device so what so what we do in this case is you want to boot up your android device. 

Now I do have a galaxy s20 here so it is a little bit of a different process on every other android phone that you're using so if you're using a pixel or xiaomi or a Huawei you can still kind of use the same technique but it may take a little bit of a different you know tabs you have to click on. 

So the very first thing you to do is go into your settings just like so and once you come into this little panel all you want to find is your sound and you know notification option usually it's sound so just type in sounds if you don't see the sound option. 

You can always find the search bar within I think since android 9 its been there so you want to do is type in your search bar right there and just type in sounds or anything similar to that and you should be able to sesame sort of sounds and vibrations just try to look for that specific little toggle. 

So you want to go ahead and click on that toggle and you'll come straight into there so what you want to do there is you want to find the volume option so once you see you want to click and you want to make sure that pretty much. 

All this stuff is you know to the limit that you wanted so if you wanted higher increase the volume. if you want it lower then obviously you decrease the volume. 

But you to increase it now on some devices you will see the little three dots on the top right corner. You want to go. ahead and click on those three dots and you want to see if there's an option for the media volume limit. 

You want to go ahead and click there and you want to make sure this is off on some devices this is little bit of a different terminology on some other devices but on Samsung it's this s you want to see if there's any sort of a volume limit for your specific device. 

If there is you want to make sure it's disabled if it's on it's going to limit the you know basically how loud your specific volume on your device can go so that's the next option. 

Now the other thing thing you can do which is also pretty important from what I know is changing the equalisation of your audio so like I said before it's a little bit different on each device. 

But what you can do is pretty much in the same panel find your specific you know sound quality and effect sometime it's sound eq, but you can go into your search bar of your settings and type in eq and you want to click on this little option and you want to click on the equaliser so as you can see there's the equalizer. 

So as you you can see there's the equaliser setting you want to go and click on it and there you'll be able to just like on my iPhone video the other day you'll basically be able to go ahead and change this specific thing to different eqs.

So this is just editing the audio that's the best way to put it so what you can do is go ahead and change the classic change it to jazz and you can see these things change down . 

So all you have to do is find the specific profile that matches your specific volume limit. And you can go go ahead and increase or decrease the volume straight from there. 

So that's how to do it without downloading an app and this should theoretically make your volume a little bit louder and a little bit more crisper to your settings. 

Now if you don't want to go through these type of settings or if you know none of these settings were on your device let's say you have an older device. 

Well there is a way to do it with downloading an app so this next way that I'm going to show you is basically downloading an app to increase the volume on your android device. 

So in order to do this what you want to do is you want to go straight into your play store just like so. And you want to look for this specific app it's called the volume booster by good dev 

Now you don't have to use this specific app but it's the one that I'm using in this case so it'd probably be best If you use it so what you want to do is you want to go ahead and install this app, so again you just look up volume booster good dev and just you should be able to find it somewhere. 

Now once you have it you know fully download or whatever you want to go and click open and it's going to tell you. 

Warning whatever you want to go ahead and click ok. and this little toggle to come at the bottom and it's going to allow you to actually increase the volume by however much you want to increase it by so in this case let's say we want a boost of you know 25 or 28. 

Well this is basically going to make the volume 28 louder now it's not going to be the best sounding audio it's not going to make it sound you know better it's just going to be louder now you can also change it higher you can change it lower. 

Now if you swipe out it's basically going to go away so if you want to go back into it let's say you want to turn it off. 

Well there's a couple different ways you can go about doing it basically you want to go into your app gallery you want to find that specific app which is right there you want to go ahead and click on it just like this. 

And a little pop-up is going to come up it's going to be the same one so again you can increase the volume you can decrease the volume straight from there you can also click the little settings toggle right there you can also change the little settings. 

So you can click on settings you can show boost on boot you can show the volume control you can non-uniform boost whatever that means and you can also set a maximum allowed boost let's say you want it only to be a certain level we can also set it straight within the settings too. 

So this is probably the best way for a majority of people just because you don't have to mess with the settings and votes within your phone its just an app and you can always modify the app later on so that's exactly how you can increase the volume on your android device with and without downloading an app so that's really pretty much it. 

If guys you have any questions or anything let me know in the comment section below. 

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