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How to create a Snapchat account, Step by step with photos.


How to create a TikTok account


Hi guys welcome to Chaltrends. Today I share with you how to create a snapchat account. 

Let's start, go to Play Store application on your mobile phone in play store, you don't have to do is search the snapchat on search bar. 

So we'll see the snapchat on your mobile phone and click the install to it to your mobile phone so guys wait for the snapchat installing. 

How to download a Snapchat

After installing the snapchat click the open or go to your snapchat icon on your mobile phone and click that button so guys you'll see the log in button or sign up button, you all have to click the sign up button you will see the get started Enable permission to make it signup. 

How to create a snapchat account

How to create a snapchat account

Easy click continue and we have a pop -up allow snapchat to access your contact click allow, allow snapchat to make a manage phone  call click allow and after that you will see the what's your name 

For example I can put my name in my show name click this sign up and accept. So another is when your birthday is on there and you can adjust the date of your birthday and after you adjust the date of your birthday and after you adjust the date of your birthday you can click the continue. 

After you click the continue you will see the username by clicking the change username  button. 

So after you put a username click the continue so after you click the continue set a password, you can set a password watch your email address. 

So if you don't have an email address you can sign in with your phone number click the sign- in button or sign in phone number. 

After you put your number click continue and you will receive SMS verification code. So this code is wait the I minute before you receive the code. 

If you don't have receiver any code on SMS you can select the call me instead we have a pop-up in you select ok, after you receive call with confirmation code click OK and wait for this now. And your Account is ready and find your friend and your friend to send snap and view their Storie so click continue or click skip 

So allow a snapchat assist your camera and local storage to take photo and video to take a screenshot and more click turn on allow a snapchat to take picture and record video.

Click allow, allow a snapchat ones photo media and file on your device click allow, allow snapchat to record audio click allow. 

So the snapchat already and we have tried this so select the emoji and I tried this  emoji so your snapchat account are ready now and you can snapchat your image  or video. 

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